It occurs to me that I'm not sure if we've actually made an instruction post, so let's get started!

My name is Forte, and I run a community called 7Pidgeys. We are a collective of a handful of small towns, all in the same area collaborating to host community day events and other sorts of social functions.

Our name is to Seven Pillars, a local historical landmark, And also symbolizing the seven cities that make up our territory. Peru (My hometown), Kokomo, Logansport, Wabash, Mexico, Grissom AFB, and Bunker Hill.

We are a Niantic community , so our events are regularly featured on the official community day map, and we will regularly receive items from to be able to give away to attendees, so if you're ever finding yourself near us, come out to our events on ! :team_mystic: :team_valor: :team_instinct:

We need more people to follow, gotta fix this timeline and smash it full of content!

The ornament has been fully printed and assembled, and I think I can improve it a bit more. Stay tuned. Will be printing more of these, making some tweaks to improve it.

Don't forget, All of these and more will be available at our community day meet up in December!

@Siphonay I think I'm experiencing a bug? When I went to follow my main account, it processed as a follow request, but this account doesn't require requested follows. And the same thing happens the other direction. Is there something about this instance that causes this intentionally?

Another prize for our prize pool! We hope you'll be joining us for ! This and many others will be up for grabs!


Because of the weather, we're going HYBRID for this month's community day, see our full announcement in or discord, and check-in via the link below!

Don't forget to RSVP to the Dratini Community Day Classic if you're interested in joining @djravenwolfe in logansport! :pidgey:

Which leads us nicely into looking forward to Oct 15, 2022, which will be 🕯️Litwick🕯️ Community Day! We’re still working on the details but expect to the meetup to start at 1pm 🕐 and expect to earn some bonus tickets for showing up in a costume of some kind, whether you’re dressed as a pokemon, or even dressed as your in-game avatar, or even just anything spooky in general we’d love to see you at your spooky best! *We may even do a trick or treat for the kids, we’re still working out the details so feel free to make your voices heard if you’ve got any ideas/opinions on the matter.*

Thanks again for coming out this month, and we’ll see you out there next month!

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Lastly, to totally wrap up September Community day, I ask everyone to please fill out this survey. It's brief but would really help us to get a pulse on you guys and how you feel about these events and it will help us shape future events. It’s a quick survey, only should take a minute or two tops

Don’t forget to also add your photos to our photo album for this month’s meetup, we love seeing your photos and especially if you have a photo of me I wanna see it!

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I wanted to say thank you to everyone for showing up! We had over 50 people showing up this month, with 35 of you checking in on Silph Road, and catching well over 5000 pokemon collectively! We gave out over 20 prizes, and by my estimation of the value of the donated prizes ~$100 in prizes donated! You are all total rock stars and you really made my month! I’m so thankful to have such an amazing community.

And on the note of prizes, I wanted to remind everyone that if you were part of the 7-way tie that caught a nundo Roggenrola DM us asap with a screenshot of you Roggenrola showing both the appraisal, and the date it was caught, deadline for this is 8am Thursday, Sep 22, 2022.

Up late, prepping gifts to hide for community day...
With all the hype on the 3D printed pumpkin balls, you didn't think we forgot about the gifts did you?

Expect us to have more gifts for our @gift-hunters than usual to celebrate, upped to 15 from the normal 10, and this month will be the first time we're trying our new color coded prize ticket system, which you can see more info on here:

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And woah! We've got some last second BREAKING NEWS to follow up our last post.

We've been selected for a Pilot program with Niantic and The Silph Road! This means that our meetup will be featured on Niantic's and The Silph Road's meetup map!

In exchange they're also going to be providing some swag for us to give away, they've not told us exactly what this will be yet but we're very excited to help pilot test this program.

This doesn't mean we're fully in the Niantic Community Ambassador program, but at least in my humble opinion, this is definitely as good step to that direction so let's have fun this community day, and take lots of pictures! Be sure to post your community day pictures in our shared photo album here:

Roggenrola :roggenrola:​ has been announced as the community day pokemon, and for the first time this season community day will also be later than usual! This community day will have the main spawn window from 2pm 🕑 -5pm🕔, with bonus raids lasting until 10PM 🕙 Some see us at Shelter #9 in Peru at the Peru River Walkway Park!

And finally, be sure to stick around after the main event for community day, because we're also going to do another practice round in the Silph Arena! Check out pvp-updates for the full details when they're posted later this week. Expect an open great league tournament, round robin bracket style, and we need a minimum of 4 participants.

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