trans men ARE men
trans women ARE women
nonbinary people ARE owed $20 for every time they're misgendered

hmmmm actually I think I upset my mom and I feel like garbage bc of it I'll have to give her space and apologize in the morning

there's something in the responses my parents had to "I lost six lbs in a week bc the psych ward underfed me and wouldn't provide food that I could eat despite me telling them my dietary restrictions multiple times" that's very....weird and unsettling to me. like. why is their response to that, oh well that's a brightside haha??? until i was like.... "It's not a brightside that a place I went to get treatment refused to adequately feed me and due to this I lost six lbs in a very short amount of time". like....what the fuck, tbh.

when the psych ward underfeeds you so badly that you lose six pounds in week

Trans women are women
Trans men are men
Non-binary people are tired

Hot take: All workplaces should let their employees sit

Self harm tw 

suicidal ideation/impulses, explicit mention of self harming thoughts 

sure am trying very hard not to throw up from nausea and hmmm im not sure how much longer that's going to be sustainable for

negative selftalk 

mental.... breakdown, brief suicidal ideation, negative self-talk 

also i want to change my name again because i don't feel like a real person and i have no control over anything and i never hear my name from anyone, anymore, except for from my family, and the one they use is deadname.

suicidal thoughts, suicidal ideation, passive suicidal impulses 

hnnnnnng i just saw a post from someone on another site that described her experience of being twenty six as 'exactly like going thru puberty wehn i was fifteen but with taxes adn drinking' and i was like... oh god... that's.... it. that's she hit the nail on the head. THAT IS LITERALLY WHAT MY ENTIRE EXPERIENCE OF BEING TWENTY SIX IS SO FAR THE FUCK.

ED mention, body issues mention 

ohhhh... oh i Do Not Like this.... apparently tonight is going to be a bad night but like??? for why???? for what reason????? what was the trigger for this i cannot say????

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