A friendly reminder to drink some water

Gender is now banned due to being a fire hazard.


Well fuck me my nightmares triggered me hella bad and now I'm just like. A crying mess self triggering by watching sad shit why. Am I like this.

had enough of "material goods" I'll be filling my life with "material bads" from now on. Expending currency to purchase unpleasant things that make my life harder


*slides into your DMs* sorry sorry oh shit oh fuck oh heckie *slides out the other side and tumbles down the stairs*

I feel awful my mom told me she was still going to head up with me on Saturday to help me move and I told that actually I was going Friday when she would t be able to and I just feel. Awful. Like she said that was fine and she was okay with either way but I feel shitty and nauseous and upset right now and like. I want her to come with me why did I tell her no, I'm literally on the verge of tears what is wrong with me

Have just found out my mother heard me screaming from my nightmares last night which horrifies me so like. Could this day stop being so fucking shitty.

Did he just need a break or is my dad's spontaneous last minute vacation this week that didn't tell anyone about which prevent my mom from feeling like she can help me move this weekend an attempt to control and block my departure: an autobiography by me

Oh okay I'll just have an emotional breakdown in addition to the physical breakdown I'm experiencing. Where's that meme of the on fire dog like "this is fine"?

Can't believe I slept all day only to be awoken by my intestines revolting against me the absolute injustice I feel like I've been hit by a prius

You know, it's never actually happened before, but I've noticed that, even as awful as things have been, the last three months especially, i am still noticing that my meds are actually working and helping me for once. It's literally never happened before and I'm really relieved to realize this


cannot believe I fucked myself so hard yesterday that my stomach muscles are sore and ache today what the hell


I feel... Not good. Like I'm not...like I'm not really here or like that I... That I don't exist really? Sort of. Displaced. Everything feels, wrong and...and off. And I thought. I wanted to watch something...nice? Nice. So I put on Say Yes To the Dress but it was....worse somehow? Like just, a widening of this gaping emptiness in me...and I. Don't know what spurred this. I don't really. Like. What's wrong? Why is this happening? I'm afraid but it feels so.......like, hidden, or hollow or. Something.

im so mad, i can't believe drinking water made me stomach try and rebel if drinking water starts a CVS episode i will RIOT

I did a bad thing......
Me @ me: self trigger bc ur trash
Me @ me: ....ur right ....gotta do it....solid argument

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