real fucked up how popular scifi ignores that disabled people exist


| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ |
| NOT A |
| _______|
(\__/) ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ

Therapy is healthcare and should be free.

Brain: a shred of financial stability??? Buy clothes.
Me: ok but we own clothes?
Brain: neeeeed

friendly reminder that there is no medical basis for taking hormone therapy away from trans people prior to surgery and this practice is abusive

I have this picture incase I see someone ranting about LGBTQ people on twitter or something. But just incase I dont get to use it for it's intended use here it is for you all to enjoy.

one of the things i genuinely enjoy about friends in different states and countries is getting to fill in gaps in each others' education system failures because it turns out, every single one of us had information deliberately withheld, erased, ignored, or straight up fabricated by our schools

gods, i am unbelievably stressed and i am so wired and anxious i can't fucking DO anything and anyway, all this to say that uhhh i'm gonna change my name again but I can't decided between a few of them so I'm screaming

when you want/don't want to change your name cause it's the only thing you control rn and EVEN THEN it is only the barest, thinnest control

hey ya'll i'm a trans disabled person living in pittsburgh trying to make my rent for the month so like if you can spare any change this month pls hit me up on venmo @ k-hertia

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If you're in the States, open enrollment for medical insurance through starts on November 1st. ACA hasn't been gutted completely yet, take advantage of what you can while you can.

Please boost or toot about it too.

if you feel like garbage, just remember: it's called a garbage can, not a garbage can't.

me in 2003: haha shrek lives in a weird hut in a swamp. how gross

me in 2019: shrek has a beautiful minimalist home with real oak furniture and a large outdoor space. did he have a trust fund

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The gender today is the smell of coffee and autumn leaves.

bed soft and warm, world cold and hard

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