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links para YouTube 

Enviei hoje os vídeos de duas semanas atrás; não há nada para enviar do último domingo.

Pokémon Red (Sanqui Randomizer): Corrida até Bill

Pokémon Red (Sanqui Randomizer): Corrida até Brock

The Crown Tundra minor spoilers 

I just saw the Galarian legendary birds and they look like angrier versions of the Kanto birds lol

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A few days ago, a ROM of the unreleased Pokémon Picross for the GBC was found in a Nintendo leak. As a fan of both Pokémon and Picross, naturally I’ve been playing it since a few days!

I gotta say, it’s a neat Picross game, and it features never seen before spritework that’s really charming and with really good use of the GBC’s color capabilities

I'll try to make an application where you can input types of a moveset for it to return which pokémon would only receive neutral or not very effective damage against those moves. I'm bad at programming so who knows if that will actually be possible lol

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been knitting some belt-sized pokeballs for halloween costumes (even tho all we can do is get pics lol mostly just an excuse to dress our pomeranian as eevee). u can rly tell which one i finished first rip the black behind the button looks so bad 😂 its technically number 2 the true first one turned out way too tiny

jack% race opinion 

Jack% (Red/Blue allowing the rival glitch item that can bypass walls under certain circumstances) is a cool speedrun category, but I don't think it works very well for races (randomized or not), since who wins is basically decided within the first, like, 15 minutes (or less).

It's basically "whoever captures the most superpowered 'mon at Cerulean Cave first", since from there there are few, if any, obstacles.

The GSC shiny colors for Ampharos look better than later generations, imo. They look silver with purple gems and tails!

The pink/blue version is... fine (shiny Ampharos say trans rights?), but not as interesting, imo.

I have a shiny Jangmo-o on Pokémon Sword. Someday I'll train it properly, I guess. And this is all I can say about the Pokémon Of the Day. :'D

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hmm do you think there are people who discovered that they liked musicals after watching the perfect pokérap

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so I was trying to figure out if there’s any canon information on how fast pokémon age, to make a “gardevoir years” joke, but I accidentally discovered a masterwork of shitposting on bulbapedia

SGDQ 2020, youtube link 

Just finished watching the FR/LG run. It's been a while since I watched a run for this game (back then people still used Zapdos), and I have to say I'm surprised both Charmander and Squirtle are viable choices here! It was also cool to see how close the race was.


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Arcanine is so fuckin big I had to leave the room to give him treats. He takes up my whole office. Here he is reading my emails.

My fiancée wants me to race hir until the end of Pokémon Red (randomized and on speedchoice) this weekend. I'm going to have to study a lot to do that efficiently. x_x


A thing I like about older Pokémon games is that there is less plot stuff, and less plot stuff means less misgendering :p

(sure, the character =/= the player, but I was used to associating the two as a child and it's hard to let go of that connection)

This is one of the reasons I want to play Uranium someday, since it's the only hack I've seen with a third character that uses they/them.

(I'm not asking for ROM links btw, yes/no/only on discord/you can find a disassembly at X's github repo are good enough answers.)

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Hmmm. Is there no FireRed/LeafGreen speedchoice ROM? I can't find any.

(Speedchoice ROMs are ROMs modified to add features such as being able to run in Pokémon Red, being able to change between bikes as much as one wants in Pokémon Emerald, skipping the long Rocket section after the Lake of Rage in Crystal and so on.)

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