I'm curious: what's your favorite Pokémon for each generation?

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my answer 

I think I would pick:
gen 1: Flareon
gen 2: Donphan
gen 3: Rayquaza
gen 4: hmmm I dunno, maybe Drifloon
gen 5: Meloetta
gen 6: uhhh Delphox?
gen 7: Ribombee
gen 8: Alcremie

@A hmmm

Gen I :snorlax:
Gen II :porygon2:
Gen III :ludicolo:
Gen IV :munchlax:
Gen V :krookodile:
Gen VI :pangoro:
Gen VII :rowlet:
Gen VIII :toxtricity_lowkey:

@A that's really hard to answer since :grovyle::swampert::flygon::metagross:​ are all in the same gen

@g yeah, just like the "choose one fave for each type thing" is a challenge because people often like one type more, it's something that makes people have to think about groups of Pokémon they usually don't care about :D

a lot of my faves are in Gen II, so I totally get you!

GEN1 :103: Exeggutor
GEN2 :233b: Porygon2
GEN3 :330h: Flygon
GEN4 :464: Rhyperior
GEN5 :549: Lilligant
GEN6 :711: Gourgeist
GEN7 :724: Decidueye
GEN8 :poke_indeedee_2: Indeedee-F


Gen I :charizard:
Gen II :umbreon:
Gen III :blaziken:
Gen IV :froslass:
Gen V :chandelure:
Gen VI :noivern:
Gen VII :lycanroc_dusk:
Gen VIII :cursola:

@A There were so many it hurt not to pick but I'm pretty confident with these choices, lol. I didn't really play gens IV and V but was surprised how many I liked from there.

gen I: :mewtwo:
gen II: :feraligatr:
gen III: :kecleon:
gen IV: :froslass:
gen V: :galvantula:
gen VI: :furfrou:​​ ( :furfrou_heart:​ )
gen VII: :salazzle:
gen VIII: :appletun:

@A I made a list before and changed it slightly for this one, mine is a mix of Pokemon I love for cuteness and Pokemon who saved my sorry trainer ass in several situations:

Gen 1 - Bulbasaur
Gen 2 - Heracross
Gen 3 - Breloom
Gen 4 - Turtwig
Gen 5 - Volcarona
Gen 6 - Goodra
Gen 7 - Rowlet
Gen 8 - Drednaw...?

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