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Alright, time for a small introduction on this account.

Hi. I'm Altair, formerly known under names like Lykanu, Goliath or Nezaaka, and I'm a simple internet Pokémon person (or a furry, depending on how you view such things) from Southwestern Germany.
I'm currently in the process of finding work in the IT or tax sectors.
My big thing is Pokémon and a few other video games, and I really love chimeric clones of gods.

I sometimes stream on Twitch and sometimes do art, but especially recently I've been taking a somewhat more political path by involving myself with Volt Europa. On the compass, you will find me on the left side. My biggest topics there are digitalization and equality, as well as social justice in finance and wealth.

On this feed I will be a mix between mindless Pokémon fanboy and rant about our public transport here being terrible.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Cheers!

Immense Shiny Luck (Spoilers?) 

So, I have the Shiny Charm, and when Union Circle-ing with my friend yesterday we found three shinies in the span of not even an hour

A Venomoth, then later a Brute Bonnet and like 2 minutes later a Scream Tail. I have a Shiny Charm. Apparently that thing is op lmao

ALSO I love Cyclizar can I please have one irl thanks

Mental stuff? 

My boss tells me repeatedly that he thinks it's "good when you have work simply because it gives you a purpose and it makes one happy."

And I'm here like
I was significantly happier when I was home chatting to my friends all day. I really can't agree wiht this "The meaning of life is productivity/earning money" mindset a lot of people in my irl vicinity have.
It certainly doesn't make me happy. I work because I HAVE TO, not because I see any fulfillment in it.

If anything, having work makes me significantly unhappier, despite having some money to spend now.

Cyclizar is a very precious bean and I love them very much.

My thoughts about Pkmn S/V (Spoilers!) 

Alright, I reached the post game and now on the bus I'll just document what comes to my mind in terms of an opinion about it.

So, I'll get the obvious performance issues and bugs out of the way here, but I don't really feel bothered by them personally They don't influence my enjoyment of the game. I know and acknowledge that their intensity and influence varies for everyone.
The plot is the best I've seen Game Freak come up with. And that includes Black (2)/White (2). Team Star is a nice "villainous" team and the Finale is the best final sequence in Pokémon history and it's not even close.
The art style is great, but not too well executed at times.
The music yet again nails the bullseye, especially the final area is full of bangers.

Overall: >Despite< the issues, Pokémon Scarlet/Violet are high contenders for "Best Pokémon game ever made".

At work out boss wants us to build something with wood to get practice in construction stuff like that.

I'm going for a little food bar for my cats with holes in it for the food bowls. My mom doesn't know about it and I hope she likes it.

Blood Pressure 

I have a problem with my blood pressure, and I'm on meds, and the readings are fine... at least when they are done by my doctor. My own device is a little weird and shows impossibly varying results and nobody knows what's right and what's false.

And I don't have time to go get a new one because work. Ugh.

Update on my Scarlet progress: It's going pretty well, I'm beating Lv 40 Pokemon with my Mid 30s squad

Pokemon Scarlet Ingame Selfie 

Hi how's it going sending regards from my new best friend

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Serebii Update: Special Pokémon icons parts can be obtained in the Nintendo Switch Online part of the Nintendo Switch app from now until December 26th with new sets coming every week

I've had to do some tests at work and out of 13 people, only one other person and I didn't horribly fail almost all of them.
I had A and B across the board, and the rest apparently did really badly.

It was basic shit like equations, fractions and percentages, so nothing I had to study for at all, but that everyone else did so terribly really tells a story about our education system.

Tests were in Math, German, Spatial Thinking, Technological Knowledge, Geography and Economics/Politics.

Post service says Scarlet is arriving today lol

It WAS transported into my region yesterday at 11pm already, so it sounds realistic to arrive today, Imma keep an eye on the tracker all day at work lmao

Irl (Pokemon TCG pulls) 

Sometimes I have this compulsion of buying a booster or two and listening to this compulsion rewards me most of the time haha

Ayy my copy of Pokémon Scarlet was just sent out
Got an email from the store

Just as a heads up, I'm not too well-versed in what needs to be put behind a Content Warning and what doesn't.

I may need a specific lesson for that lol, I'm doing my best to consider things.

I low-key just wanna mind my Pokémon stuff and not focus on anything else anymore

CW FIFA + Qatar 

Good lord, at work I'm surrounded by idiots. We were watching various documentaries around the World Cup in Qatar, and after that had a little talk about it.

And some of the people around me are truly tone-deaf to put it very lightly and now I have a nasty headache. Yikes.

I'll probably take a bit to get used to everything and follow a few, preferably Pokémon-relatee accounts or friends!

I made this account back in May with the main thought of "it's something to fall back on in case Elon Musk turns Twitter into a right mess", and I suppose I was wise for once, considering this particular Pokémon-themed instance I'm on is closed to new users at the moment.

It's time to get acquainted with this entire platform now.

A few years ago I got suspended off a furry instance for using the word "stupid"; I hope things go better this time

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