Things that irrationally irritate me: people who refer to individual old theatrical cartoons as "episodes."

@WildfireDarkstar I can see where one might get the temptation, if we’re talking about a series of shorts like the Sound Cartoons or the Merrie Melodies.

Wikipedia uses the term “installments” to number each one, which doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.


@WildfireDarkstar also, some series of shorts were only ever seen on television in certain countries. Big example I can think of is „Die Blaue Elise“, the German adaptation of the “The Ant and the Aardvark”.

@DaneeBoundENG A lot of late-era supposedly theatrical shorts (including Ant and the Aardvark) were probably only seen on television by much of their audience, even in the US. But it still bothers me when people talk about them as if they were created for TV. I *did* say my irritation was irrational, after all. 😉

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