Kind of happy I’m not really interested in anything from this upcoming Animation Week. I need a break after this weekend!

Friendly reminder: The free Remote Raid Pass box is live! 📦

6 manned a Darkrai Raid. He’s so much easier this year than he was last year!

I think I have mostly recovered from yesterday’s Pokeball massacre...

Just a note for PoGo peeps: Mega Gengar raids give you a costume Gengar as does the Mega Energy Quest.

Spent a good deal of the day trying to catch 108 Pokémon...

Dude, I’m down with that spooky pose! For real!

D A :team_rocket: K boosted
D A :team_rocket: K boosted

Okay, did two Galarian Ponyta raids. Got a so-so 3 star and a 93. I think I’m good!

For those wondering, Ponyta is locked in raids...

Seems you might have to have Galarian Farfetch’d as a buddy to complete the ten excellent throw quest for evolution.

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