Hello, I am fronting for a bit before we head to bed. How is everyone? Did i miss anything big?

@DemonISM apparently someone on birdsite who claimed to represent google stadia made a post about how people should have to pay licensing fees to stream video games on twitch and was soundly mocked and C&D'd by google or something

@Felthry A just reward for the wicked greed of a capitalist ghoul. hah

@DemonISM apparently they actually do work for google stadia but are not in the position they claimed to be in

@Felthry So they went out of their way to lie about who they are, just to be an asshole? Are they trying to speedrun a career implosion?

@Felthry @DemonISM I saw some of that! I know they got ridiculed all to hell for it, especially by people they SPONSORED

Mention of a Nazi MAP on Birdsite 

@Kilroy @Felthry On my end, I had been following the Antoons drama from the sidelines. It's pretty amazing the depths one could go to to try to justify tracing art, being racist, homophobic and transphobic, false-flagging videos criticizing them and sexualizing a minor. What an odious creature.

re: Mention of a Nazi MAP on Birdsite 

@DemonISM @Kilroy what's antoons, and what's a MAP?

re: Mention of a Nazi MAP on Birdsite 

@Felthry @DemonISM Antoons I'm not familiar with, but MAP would be Minor-Attracted-Person (aka pedophile)

re: Mention of a Nazi MAP on Birdsite 

@Felthry @Kilroy Oh god...

Okay so Antoons is a racist tracer, who takes after stonetoss, MrPumpkinhead, and other fascist chuds with his constant transphobia, homophobia and racism. He got caught on my radar, because he's been harassing my friend Sqrlyjack for a while, and he has a habit of going after minorities for malicious reasons.

Long story short, he got hoisted by his own petard when he went after a POC minor enby person, got blown the fuck out, twice, and retaliated by making a fake peace offering, and then making an animation featuring said minor shooting period blood as an attack. Which yeah, given his predilection to harassing minors, makes him look like a pedophile.

Or should I say a MAP, a minor-attracted person.

re: Mention of a Nazi MAP on Birdsite 

@Felthry @Kilroy The tipping point for Antoons came about when he started false-flagging videos critical of him, got his Twitter nuked, and then made a ban evasion account where his profile is an offensive parody of a trans person, said account for suspended soon after.

What makes this guy a problem is that he has almost a million subscribers on YouTube, and if you're just following him on Youtube, you would have no idea just how vile and disgusting he really is.

So the current course of action would be to try to get his YT channel nuked for false-flagging.

@DemonISM nothing big, but hey hello and i hope y'all are doing alright :purple_sparkling_heart:

@astra We have been busy, and also I have decided on a Weavile pokesona.

@astra The pose that mon is often depicted in in official art has a lot of me energy.

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