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the real snouts were the friends we made along the way

privatisation of space exploration, militarisation of space

Commission for Apogee, with obvious inspirations, from 2016.

if Dick is short for Richard then Rick is short for Dichard

@keliff I remember drawing that first dragon ages ago cause they were SO COOL

My fursona! (full ref in replies, cw non explicit furry nudity)

His name is Nico (he/him)!
#mastoart #furryoc #furry

nonexplicit furry nudity 

His pattern is based off seal point siamese mice. But his species is grasshopper mouse, a carnivorous mouse species!

Nico always wears clothes.

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political shitpost 

I am not just any anarchist, I am made of Stirner stuff.

I have a lot of sounds in my Kontakt library already, and yet I still want to grab Continuo 2 by Karanyi Sounds. ;w;

the reason reformism works so often is because capitalism has ingrained in us the concept of starting with more than you want during a negotiation. so when we call for the abolishment of a particular system, when we're responded to with reforms, we think we're getting progress but really all we're getting is the perceived fulfillment of the negotiation

Every day is Indigenous Peoples' Day when you are on stolen land

#Indigenous #Indigedon

Photo by Nedahness Rose Greene
for Indigenous Rising Media

i shoulda charged more for this dang background complexity (its a hastily scrawled xwing cockpit)

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