Sword/Shield, font 

I started a font based on the Galar script shown in game.
For now, I have mapped it on the latin alphabet, and there are missing lowercases (since those doesn't seem to be shown in game).
If people have a better mapping, I can update it.

You can download a wip version of the font there:
There may be issues with kerning.

re: Sword/Shield, font 

@Feufochmar is the mapping arbitrary, or is all the stuff written in the game transliterarable to latin?

re: Sword/Shield, font 

@Siphonay A bit arbitrary. Somewhat based on the game, though the game itself is inconsistant with the mapping when you compare different words than have a rather guessable mapping with latin words (notably when comparing the signatures of characters on their card with their japanese names).

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