The most important thing revealed in the new games : Hoppip flowerpots. Where can you buy them ?

How to report bugs to your administrators and moderators.

(Featuring @codl posting bug pictures.)

One of the thing I like in Pokémon BDSP is pokémon following you.

A tip for filling your pokédex when you have pokémon Home.

You may have noticed that when bringing pokémon from Home to Sword/Shield, the pokédex entry is not automatically filled. But there is a way in the game to get the entry, by leaving the pokémon at the day care and taking it back.

Here's an example with :porygon_z:​.

:wailord:​ ➕ :caterpie:

Something I made years ago when pokéfusions were not as widespread.

Sword/Shield, font 

I started a font based on the Galar script shown in game.
For now, I have mapped it on the latin alphabet, and there are missing lowercases (since those doesn't seem to be shown in game).
If people have a better mapping, I can update it.

You can download a wip version of the font there:
There may be issues with kerning.

Pokémon Shield, Dynamax 

You can get shinies in dynamax ( :tympole:​✨, 1 star raid, before reaching Motorstoke).

Guess who will come with you in Galar (again) 

Your useful ghost assistant :rotom:, now residing in your phone.

Vieux montages que j'ai fait il y a plus de 10 ans.

Old fake I did more than 10 years ago.

Fomantis, the little leafy mantis.
I really like its design.


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