@whimsicott According to the pokédex description, it's formed of 108 spirits (it's also pokémon #108 in Sinnoh regional pokédex, and it weights 108 kg).

:comfey::ms_arrow_left_right:​🧚 ➕ ( 💮 ➕ 🌻 ➕ 🌹 ➕ 🌷 ) ✖️ ⭕

@peachie Every mastodon instance has an /about page (the landing page when you are not connected) and an /about/more page that usually lists the rules.

@whimsicott @deasach Sketch is the only move Smeargle can learn, and it learns it several times (every 10 levels). Whenever Sketch is used, it is permanently replaced by the copied move, even after you catch a wild Smeargle using it.

The only places where Sketch is temporarly replaced are in facilities like the Battle Tree, or in multiplayer battles, where you fight without earning experience (in those battles, the learnt move reverts back to Sketch at the end of the battle).

Interestingly, when displayed on another instance not supporting pools, emoji are correctly displayed.

OK, time to make an issue on pools not supporting custom emoji.

Which one do you like ?

Steenee the cute little plant girl.
Mine wants to say hello.

:sandshrew:​ is a cute shrew.
:sandshrew_alola:​ is a cute frozen shrew.

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