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Hello fediverse!

Today, celebrates it’s opening’s two-year anniversary!


Thanks for everyone who used the instance and all of our fediverse friends for these last two years, off to a few more!

Trying out my new light box and watering down my acrylic ink for a water color effect. Used Phanpy as a test subject. Still the best elephant Pokemon!

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@sachirin The pokédex is useful for knowing what pokémons are present in a given area (and especially with the weather in the wild lands, when you can catch them). Maybe there will be an extended pokédex for people who have the DLC.

@sachirin I caught the slowpoke present in the update. Not shown in pokédex. I don't know if there is a pokédex extension to expect with the pass.

@Siphonay À propos des traductions, un certain nombre de capacités ont vu leur nom français changer dans Épée/Bouclier.

@Siphonay @Hiraelle Also note the japanese name "Buru" present for Snubbull. "Pikablu" could be an early translatted name, or a placeholder name, since the game containing those pokémon were not yet released when the movie was released (though the second season of the anime predominantly shows Marill). This text has probably be written by a separate team from the anime and game translation.
Early merchandising tend to contain errors (not only translation, but also with evolution path).

@Siphonay I should check if there is also a non-electrik rodent (or rodent-like) in every gen (after the 1st one).

@Siphonay Well, there is a new electric rodent every generation. Marill is not electric.

I updated my League Card in Pokémon Shield.
Code: 0000 0004 W0YL BL

@raikou I feel the third option will only be a fan game made by biologists.

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