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been months since i last played

should've just not open it

One of the thing I like in Pokémon BDSP is pokémon following you.

@Lugia Also as a side note, she is the second gym leader to not give you the badge immediately after their defeat (the first is Whitney). This does not occur in other games.

@Siphonay To be fair, contests would need their own games, as the strategy is completely different from battles, and you can't really use battle pokémon in contests. The problem here is that battles is the main gameplay of Pokémon, not contests. The contests were already turned down in the original Gen 4 games compared to the Gen 3 games of Ruby/Sapphire (in those you had a contest facility in cities who did not have a Gym, in gen 4, the contests are limited to a single location).

@Lugia I'm not getting the game (at least, not right now, maybe at a later time, used or on sale).
I have too many games about cute girls making potions and bombs (and many other things) on my game pile that I want to play first.

@Lugia Well, against Whitney, my solution was usually :geodude:​ or :machop:​. You can get the first extremely early on in Johto, and you can get the second in an in-game trade (with :drowzee:​). Against Whitney, I would not use :hoppip:​ because of its flying type (her Milktank use the rock-type move Rollout to wreck the player's team).

For :chikorita:​, it was usually my starter in gen II games. I never played competitively in those, so I didn't care much about optimizing its moveset.

@Lugia I had a hard time against Whitney the first time I played Silver (20 years ago...). You can guess why. (And it was aggravated by the fact that I took :cyndaquil:​ as started back then).

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