@teddiursine no, working on personnal projects I can't do when I work (I can't work because of the lockdown here).

@sachirin You should always have a few pokédolls on you just in case.

Before beating the champion, the level of the pokémons you encounter depends on the sector (excluding the unique pokémons that repop only once a day which can be more powerful). All pokémon in a given sector are around the same level, so if you encounter a pokémon that is too high level, you should avoid the whole sector.

After beating the champion, all pokémon in the wild lands will be at the same (high) level.

More seriously, there are not just references but several mentions of real world animals and places in the anime and games in the first decade of pokémon. However, those disappeared as the pokémons transited from "strange monsters" to "usual wildlife" in the game and anime universe.

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@sachirin well, it's not psychic boy. Also, it's not directly the next town (which has the last gym, not the next, a bit like the city you're just leaving, which has the third gym and not the first).
Normal pokémon are also a good option, but only if they have non-normal moves in their moveset (so :linoone_galar:​ is a good option for next gym).

@sachirin 🎉

Ground/Water and Electrik/Water are good types combinations in general as they both have few weaknesses.

The type of the next gym depends on the version you play. Since you are playing 🛡️ , you'll probably want to use a few dark type.

re: [Shield] small development 

Needed for @sachirin : a pokémon sandbox game where you only catch, feed, and play with your pokémons. No battles, no story.

:purugly:​, pure ugly fat cat.
Probably one of the hardest pokémon to get in mainline games outside legendaries and fabulous pokémons, as it (and its pre-evolution :glameow:​) only appears in Pearl and on mirage islands of Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire.
:glameow:​ also appeared in the discontinued Dream World and in an event of White2.

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