@zeraora you can cut grass in all games of gen 1/2/3. Unsure afterwards, as the overworld is modelled in 3D since gen 4.

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@FerrisBuelle Technically, I only used :pikachu:​ in gen I (I had Yellow, not Red/Blue). The one I indicated are for the Leaf Green remake.

@FerrisBuelle Unsure which one is my favorite. My first one was :cyndaquil:​ (on Silver).

Globally, I tend to use the grass starter, and avoid the water one, maybe because of the large availability of water pokémon. Though it really depends on how much I like the available starters, and if I do a challenge.

By gen, I think the one I used most were:
1) :bulbasaur:, I also used :charmander:​​
2) :chikorita:​, but the first I used was :cyndaquil:
3) :treecko:​, but the first I used in that gen was :torchic:
4) :turtwig:​ on emulators, though, when I finally bought Platinum, I used :piplup:​, and did a water team challenge
5) :snivy:, I only used this one, but I didn't always keep it in my team
6) :fennekin:​, I only used this one
7) :popplio:​, but the first I used in that gen was :rowlet:

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@Touya You should have taught the Flash TM to one of your pokémon.

@Siphonay You can play the Pokémon TCG online on one of the pokémon websites. But I don't know if you can play with any set, or only with the most recent ones.
Also when you buy real booster packs, you are given a code to get a virtual one for the online game.

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