@DaneeBoundENG I once completed the pokédex in Crystal. You need both Silver and Yellow to complete it.

@DaneeBoundENG so that's why you sorted your energy cards. To avoid the energy crisis.

@deasach well, it’s not only on the fan-service side, some quests and ways to get some blade feel morally wrong (sometimes the hero has to deal with the consequences, but not always). I have played games with heavy fan-service content, like Nights of Azure 2 recently, that did not gave me the same impression.

@deasach I played Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and while I appreciated the landscapes and the overall worldbuilding, there are things in the game that I don't like at all.

@swordofgod Not necessarily a bad idea. But there are problems of copyright, getting a card database, and the fact that rules have changed over the years. Furthermore, generating a card is harder than it seems. Just mixing things randomly will not give you a good or coherent card. You could generate for instance :
:mewtwo:​ 90 HP :energy_grass:
:energy_darkness:​​ Call for Family
:energy_fire::energy_colorless:​ Flare 20

:metapod:​ 30 HP :energy_lightning:
:energy_colorless::energy_colorless::energy_colorless::energy_colorless:​ Quad Smash 50×
:energy_fire::energy_fire::energy_colorless:​ Flamethrower 90

@Jinji Colors every four generations : Gen 1, Gen 5 and Gen 9.

@DaneeBoundENG For information on the upcoming games, you should add a content warning on the post.

@whimsicott I found it in an archive folder of my old images. I even made two of icons (if I remember well, I traced the vulpix from card illustrations).

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