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@TK The levels are predictable though, as the wild lands are divided in sub-areas which have each a level range for the wild encounters before beating the champion. After beating the champion, all the pokémons have their level set at 60 in the wild lands.

@TK fleeing is a good option in this situation. Also pokedolls are rather useful compared to previous games.

@TK I have checked that back when the games were released. Unfortunately, it’s pseudo-text with a fancy alphabet. There is a set of letters that look uppercase, and a set that look lowercase. Every main trainer you meet has a name written in this alphabet, and the letters are choosen to somewhat look like their japanese name, but there is no fixed correspondence between letters and sounds.

re: Use cases for spare RPi4 (4GB)? 

@raikou I guess you can use it as a base for a retrogaming console or arcade cabinet.
Is the Pi4 good enough for a desktop use ? I tried with a Pi2 a few years ago, and it was rather bad for internet browsing.

@Siphonay Ah, c'était donc de lui qu'Eddy Mitchell parlait dans sa chanson.

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