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So apparently, there's a vote for best pokémon in every gen. My take:

Kanto: :haunter:
Johto: :misdreavus:
Hoenn: :shuppet:
Sinnoh: :froslass:
Unova: :litwick:
Kalos: :pumpkaboo:
Alola: :mimikyu:
Galar: :drakloak:

unown emoji spam 


Hello fediverse!

Today, celebrates it’s opening’s two-year anniversary!


Thanks for everyone who used the instance and all of our fediverse friends for these last two years, off to a few more!

Trying out my new light box and watering down my acrylic ink for a water color effect. Used Phanpy as a test subject. Still the best elephant Pokemon!

I updated my League Card in Pokémon Shield.
Code: 0000 0004 W0YL BL

Today I finished my pokédex in Shield. I had to wait for a blizzard in the right areas of the Wild Lands to get a Mawile in Sword and transfer it (since I was playing with my brother to transfer it, we also completed his pokédex in the process).

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