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Detective Pikachu Spoilers (from new trailer) 

Woah... Flareon :flareon:

Yay Sylveon is finally in Pokemon Go! :sylveon:

I finally evolved the shiny Eevee I've had for years (using the name trick), and now have a flower crown Eevee as a buddy till I can evolve them too!

My favourite part of Pokemon Sword so far is that the fox pokemon is called Nickit :nickit:

Also I'm no longer just playing Pokemon Go! I've started both Let's Go Eevee and Pokemon Sword in the last few days :fire_gym:

Meltan was first released in Pokemon Go on 16th November 2018, so I've managed to finally evolve one on the 2 year anniversary! After only completing the research to get one 2 months ago!

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and now thanks to Pokemon Home and the mystery box I have evolved my meltan! :melmetal:

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Omg, finally finished the Let's Go Meltan research thanks to a tip off from a friend that there were aerodactyl and omanytes around! Look at that adorable meltan :meltan:

Yay finally no more "evolve this Pokémon" research tasks so my favourite buddy is back on my shoulder (one day she'll be evolved, when they add Sylveon!) :eevee:

Credit to this video for the hints I needed to finally achieve this!

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Oh lol I forgot the hat in my image description, it's like a green beret with a white fluffy bobble

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I can't play the new Pokémon game yet, but I can dress myself up in seasonally appropriate Galar style in Pokémon Go!

Bit more walking, some rare candy and finally!! Next up in the buddy spot, Drowzee, Feebas or Scyther

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With the help of a field research reward giving me a magikarp, now just 6 more!!

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