If you could live in one Pokémon region, where would you want to live and why?

What are some Nintendo exclusives you would like to see in the next Nintendo Direct? Dillon (as in Rolling Western), Etrian Odyssey, Ever Oasis, Fantasy Life, Fossil Fighters, HarmoKnight, Rhythm Heaven, Star Fox, and Style Savvy are some that I would love to see return.

If you could give a split evolution to one Pokémon, who would you pick? I would give Salandit a male evolution.

If you could redesign one Pokémon, who would you choose?

What Pokémon gaming crossover would you like to see? I would love Pokémon x Monster Hunter. Pikachu and Meowth Palico armor, Houndoom and Boltund Palamute armor. Or battling a special trainer who uses a Rathalos (fire/dragon).

New Grookey Pokémon plush coming to Build-A-Bear on 5/5 at 9 a.m. CST.

Although baby/pre-evolution Pokémon can be divisive, what Pokémon would you want to receive a baby? I’m still sad we missed out on baby Grimer.

What Pokémon was your first favorite and are they still your favorite? Mine was Cyndaquil, and although it’s not my # 1 now, Cyndaquil will always be special to me.

If you could create a new Pokémon type, what type would you choose?

Pokémon tower defense: Your “towers” are Pokémon and to upgrade them they must level up and evolve. Different types would have different effects, e.g., splash, slow, burn, poison, stun, etc. Unlock new towers by catching and breeding more Pokémon. Instead of managing a team of six, acquire a hoard of Pokémon to help defend against the invading enemies.

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Pokémon rhythm game: could be similar to Theatrhythm with rhythm gameplay mixed with light RPG elements. Assemble your team of Pokémon and play along to classic Pokémon songs to fight wild encounters, trainers, and gym leaders. Level up your Pokémon and chose appropriate type matchups to score even higher. Incorporate a simple story mode with some new characters. Add a shop to buy outfits and accessories for your Pokémon à la Don and Katsu (Taiko no Tatsujin).

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If you could create a Pokémon spin-off game, what genre would you choose?

What type would you want the next Eevee evolution to be?

If you could add a third type to a Pokémon to make a triple type, what Pokémon would you pick and what extra type would you give them?

If you were a Pokémon, what Pokéball would you want to be caught in?

Mega Construx unboxing/builds of G. Ponyta and Wooloo are up on my channel now ☺️ youtu.be/4y4u8pCgtXY

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Do you prefer Galarian Ponyta or Kantonian Ponyta? What about Mareep vs Wooloo?


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