If you could live in one Pokémon region, where would you want to live and why?

@Ghostbug it's a hard choice but Johto feels like the most peaceful to me

@Siphonay Definitely a tough choice, but I agree with you that I would probably pick Johto.

@Ghostbug I'd live on Unova bc it's the most urban region (I'd live in that big city ofc)

@Ghostbug It's too hard! I'm having a serious debate between Kanto, Alola, Sinnoh (but not as much), and Galar!

@Ghostbug Officially, Jinji the Gengar hails from Johto, specifically Ecruteak City (which I far prefer to Kanto's Lavender Town). However, this is really rather arbitrary, as his true home is in the Spirit Realm; and he doesn't actually own property in our realm. Johto is simply where he first appeared in our realm. Were I creating him now, I'd probably actually choose Galar, as it's based on the UK (where I live IRL); and I'd love him to be able to Gigantamax :)

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