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Is an offer too good to be true?
If the seller is a Hawlucha, take it!

The only reliable fallback to any critical situation is always Hawlucha.

Rise and shine! Your Hawlucha has prepared for you breakfast-in-bed!

The customer is always right!*

*Customer must be a Hawlucha

How much Hawlucha can a Hawlucha Hawlucha if a Hawlucha could Hawlucha Hawlucha?

Your Hawlucha shows you a crayon drawing it did of you two. A rather crude drawing, but it's the thought that counts!

A movie hailed as "The #1 Movie in the World" would obviously star a Hawlucha as a leading role.

If you ever need to write 'Hawlucha' in T9:

44 2 9 555 88 222 44 2

Your Hawlucha nudges you on the side to give you your favourite snack. It sensed you are feeling down, and wants to make you feel better.

A Hawlucha Sandwich is when two Hawlucha are on both sides of your person, because they care about you.

Allergies? Talk to your local Hawlucha for a prescription.

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