Today 23 years ago, Pokémon Pinball released for Game Boy Color in North America.

While hardly the only Pinball game for the Game Boy (both of HAL’s Pinball: Revenge of the Gator and Kirby’s Pinball Land predate this game by years), it was the first and only Game Boy Pinball game to incorporate any kind of rumble feature, powered by a AAA-battery in the cartridge itself.

The game features two tables themed around Pokémon from Pokémon Red and Blue versions. The Blue table in particular features an 8-bit rendition of “Mezase Pokémon Master”, the original Japanese opening theme for the Pokémon animated series as its Catch ‘em theme.

@DaneeBoundENG I did not know that music fact! That's pretty cool :)
I actually owned this game, and I absolutely adored it. The GBA sequel is better, but they're both incredibly fun and addictive pinball games and probably Pokémon's most creative spin-off.
I actually begged for a DS or 3DS sequel or remake for years, as I just felt the dual-screen format would have really suited it. Still gutted that Nintendo didn't bite :(

@Jinji given the already meagre sales of Metroid Prime Pinball, Nintendo and TPC prolly thought it best not to try, as a new Pokémon Pinball might have cannibalised Metroid Prime Pinball’s sales even further.

Besides, if they had made another Pokémon Pinball, what other DS spin-off would have to be sacrificed for it?


@DaneeBoundENG Fair point. I always felt a little grudge they did it with Metroid rather than Pokémon tbh...

(Also, I know which spin-off I'D like to see Nintendo drop, but I'll keep my opinions to myself.)

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