How time flies, has everyone here been staying safe and healthy?
I really wish to know what realistic alternative to google translate. I sincerely wish to know, I have so many questions to ask in different languages to everyone & reading kanji/hiragana as well as other languages are being challenging at the moment. If someone has a simple solution it will be greatly appreciated, I would even promise to not use that knowledge for evil. So please share if you know this answer. Aside from that have a great day & thank you for the consideration.
I have to get back to the plots, so take care everyone, until next time.
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@Link_EV Also think it's worth saying, anything in this category (heelies, rollerblades, skateboards, etc) are what you make of them, so someone who's SUPER into heelies could get more of a fitness benefit out of rollerblades, of course.

But wheel size and bearings quality determines your speed. I really doubt these are customizable on heelies at all, but they are on rollerblades. Tri-skates are large enough for offroad trails and ramps, even. I also expect that it's easier to sustain a speed on rollerblades than it is on heelies, since it seems you'd have to switch back to running? Skates don't have that problem.

But everything is what you make of it, so I think people should do what appeals to them.

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@Link_EV So I've never personally used heelies, but they've always struck me as more of a gimmicky toy rather than a sporty/fitness toy, which is what I think inline skates (rollerblades) fit under more. Maybe there are some benefits to heelies specifically, but my understanding is you can walk fairly normally at any time, since it's just a wheel in the heel of the shoe. Whereas being in skates will continue to work your core and your legs for as long as you're wearing them.

(It also helps a lot to regularly stretch and work out, otherwise you may hurt yourself in the long run if you skate a lot and don't do other body maintenance to keep up.)

Not to knock heelies, but I do think they're in more of the toy section than skates are - which are definitely still toys, imo, but also have great fitness benefits.

Does anyone know any safe & effective screen share software? (Sharing game play as it happens) I've been wanting to do some co-op let's play and sadly all the easy answers/choices are riddled with unnecessary drama such as Zoom, Skype, anything related to Goo, Discord etc. Any thoughts?
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I have to get back to updating at YT, so until next time party people. Have a satisfying rest of the night.
I am glad to see the wide array of diversity that can be found here on Mastodon. It keeps things interesting. Now if the rest of the world could be just as diverse and bountiful, that would be a treat indeed.
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@Feufochmar @Link_EV I'm pretty sure it's been 40Mo for a while by default. This server keeps the defaults

Before we accidentally step on anyone's toes, I need to know, Is there any unwritten laws I should be aware of or any unspoken etiquette about how far back you can reply to people? Do excuse my ignorance, I am not too familiar with twitter (how does boosting/retweeting works etc) let alone other social medias outside of YT and now obsolete/defunct sites.
Does anyone know how to get to work while still having javascript off? A Month ago before I tighten the security and became privacy-aware I was able to interact with the site in question, but now I can't even click on sign in/Sign up etc. Even when I turn all my add-ons off (such as turning off the option in UBO), it still says in the corner 'Javascript:void(0)' and doesn't allow any further action. I could technically try to turn on the places I have shut it off but is there a more effective way of doing all of this?
-Any viable alternatives? For awhile I have been looking for a place where I can create & upload permanently Pokemon content, Nuzlockes/Art/videos without having to worry that it would be miss used (like what YT & Goo does with the harvesting, poisonous privacy practices etc) I've checked around the Fediverse but many seem to have detrimental drawbacks from what we have experienced (For example Nerdica refusing to let me log back in even though the credentials are correct, Pixelfed 1 GB of storage, & so on. Peertube seems to be highly restrictive with upload limits/IP reveal, & the other tubes are associated with creepy cryptocurrencies or salacious distractions. No script = no etc) Any advice is more than welcome from fellow creators alike. Do you know any content creators/video makers that found a satisfying solution? What has worked for you if I may ask?
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@Link_EV it may depends on the server (especially if the server runs on a fork). Default is 4Mo for images and 8Mo for videos.

What is the size limit for png, videos and storage across Mastodon?
For the love of Arceus, how does one change the display/appearance skins? The "Masto95" seems to cut you off from other options that you normally would enjoy. I can't find a change back button or a way to update with ease. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Random Question of the day: How do shy trainers ever get into a battle when they have difficulty meeting another trainer's eyes?

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