-Any viable alternatives? For awhile I have been looking for a place where I can create & upload permanently Pokemon content, Nuzlockes/Art/videos without having to worry that it would be miss used (like what YT & Goo does with the harvesting, poisonous privacy practices etc) I've checked around the Fediverse but many seem to have detrimental drawbacks from what we have experienced (For example Nerdica refusing to let me log back in even though the credentials are correct, Pixelfed 1 GB of storage, & so on. Peertube seems to be highly restrictive with upload limits/IP reveal, & the other tubes are associated with creepy cryptocurrencies or salacious distractions. No script = no etc) Any advice is more than welcome from fellow creators alike. Do you know any content creators/video makers that found a satisfying solution? What has worked for you if I may ask?
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