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Hello! Name's Loth! I absolutely love Pokemon!

I also love Behemoths from the Final Fantasy series, which is my main 'sona, but in this server he's a Nidoking!

I'm not competitive, but I do breed and hunt for shinies when the mood strikes, it's really nice putting forth the effort to finding pokemon of a different color.

Pokemon of the Day: Incineroar :incineroar:​ 

This popular pokemon gets a lot of attention from the muscle and wrestling community and artists!

They like to show off their moves for their fans, while they seem ruthless in the ring, they're actually really chill and really love interacting with fans. You would think they're another Fire and Fighting type, but no, they're Fire and Dark type!

Incineroar is surprisingly slow, and it shows in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, even. But where there's a lack of, it makes up for in other stats. This pokemon has impressive attack and Intimidate, their hidden ability. They also have a good variety of moves to choose from!

Just be careful, this pokemon might have fighting type moves, but they certainly are a joke compared to the real fighting-type pokemon.

Pokemon of the Day: Carracosta :carracosta:​ 

Hey, what if we made Blastoise again with Shell Smash? Well... you get this guy. I always had problems with this pokemon back in Gen 5 simply because I couldn't hit it hard enough or had a quick move to hit it before it started decimating my team.

They seem good, at least!

Pokemon of the Day: Zarude :zarude::zarude_dada:​ 

Wait? Another grass-type monkey? And this time a mythical monkey? Arceus save us...

Anyways, this pokemon recently had a giveaway event on the Pokemon website (which I unfortunately couldn't get because PROBLEMS) celebrating their movie debut.

They have two forms, the other one is called Dada and doesn't seem any different from the regular one.

I have nothing to note on how well they do in battle, but they are grass and dark type.

Pokemon of the Day: Meloetta :meloetta::meloetta_pirouette:​ 

We have plenty of pokemon that sing, but this mythical pokemon is perhaps the strongest of all singing pokemon. One form is a stronger singer while the other form uses song and dance. I don't see this pokemon much mostly because the events they had were very few during it's time on B/W and B2/W2.

They change form in battle using Relic Song, their signature move. I don't think there's any other pokemon that does that in battle with a move. Correct me if I'm wrong though!

I love this pokemon's appearance but heck this one's hard to come by.

Just need to figure out where the plugs are for Loudred and you have a mobile boombox :loudred:

Pokemon of the Day: Chandelure :chandelure:​ 

This Pokemon is also seen in Pokken!

A ghost and fire type pokemon! Ghost types are few in number, especially strong ones, Chandelure is definitely strong.

This pokemon is very crafty and dangerous! According to the Pokedex, this pokemon waves their flame arms to hypnotize people and pokemon, then hits them with their flames, which burns up the spirit, leaving their body behind! Beware!

This pokemon may not have a lot of speed, but their special attacks really pack a punch! Plus with will-o-wisp, physical attackers will lose their attack stat, making a turn using an attack boosting move a waste! There's a lot Chandelure can hit, and anyone getting hit definitely is taking a chunk of their health in damage.

Definitely give this pokemon a try in your team, you might be surprised!

Pokemon of the Day: Donphan :donphan:​ 

This pokemon was teased in the beginning of the first Pokemon movie "Mewtwo Strikes Back". I didn't think this pokemon was good but boy am I wrong, kinda.

They roll around to get to places, and when attempting to impress a mate, they demonstrate their best Rollout move! Hey, there's a shiny one in the anime, go check it out!

While they do get elemental fang moves, those moves are weaker than the punches which sadly they don't get. But they back this up with really good attacking strength. They also have high defense and HP so they can take physical hits quite well.

Also one of the pokemon currently cut in the current gen, I think they'll make a return in the Sinnoh remakes.

Are you kidding me? There's more than one PIGY in Crystal Clear?

Surprised as a Pikachu right now.

It's that time again! More shinies for my gen 2 shiny dex!

Koffing was my first shiny that I ever caught as a kid (aside from Red Gyardos). Every time I get a shiny Koffing I'm reminded of this and I'm always smiling.

re: Pokemon of the Day: Lapras :lapras_gigantamax:​ 

Okay, so when this pokemon Gigantamaxes, they become ship-like, very clever! In this form, they're capable of carrying hundreds of people across the sea on their shell.

Their signature g-max move, G-Max Resonance, deals Ice-type damage while also raising an Aurora Veil, which lowers both physical and special attack damage by half! I have to say it's better than being pelted by hail but also a problem as Brick Break will also remove it (among several other moves which do the same). Oh yeah, did I mention that by Gigantamaxing, this pokemon can double their HP, making them that much bulkier? Whoo yeah, this pokemon is definitely one.

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Pokemon of the Day: Lapras :lapras:​ 

This pokemon has stayed a very strong contender for decades, with good stats overall and a quite a bit of HP, this pokemon can withstand a hit or two!

As a ferry, Lapras, even the wild ones, enjoy ferrying people and pokemon to places. Their voices also sound beautiful when singing. A pokemon you can count on when you need to get around on the sea or anywhere there's water.

Water and Ice typing is a very solid combo, along with said bulk and access to Thunder/Thunderbolt and Drill Run, this pokemon can definitely put on the pressure. Though because of their stats, they aren't speedy enough and often receives hits if the opposing pokemon is fast enough. This pokemon though is still very useful and if you haven't put one on your team yet, try one!

Some more shinies I found and caught on Crystal Clear! I'm actually going to use the Cubone in my team so I adjusted my team a bit.

... but wait, there's one more!

So this just happened.

Encountered Crystal Clear's mascot, Pigy, in the wild on New Game+

re: Pokemon of the Day: Eevee :eevee_gigantamax:​ 

This pokemon also gets a Gigantimax, just like Pikachu! And they're like, super fluffy!!

Even as a huge fluffy pokemon, they often forget that they can't play too rough. I feel bad for them because I'm sure they could use a friend who's also huge to play with!

Their signature move, G-Max Cuddle, envelops the enemy in the vast sea of floof, not only causing damage but infatuation, boosted by Adaptability, this attack comes in hitting hard! I would love to be KO'd by floof, seems better than being pelted by scorching hot coal boulders.

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Pokemon of the Day: Eevee :eevee:​ 

Okay okay, so who thought Pokemon Yellow's Rival Pokemon would end up being so popular that they got their own game version in Let's Go? I didn't!

This bundle of fluff reacts to all sorts of evolutionary stones, almost like their DNA itself constantly changes. Fascinating!

This pokemon can be used to astonishing effect, being able to hold an Eviolite, they can withstand most hits, and with Adaptability, those normal type attack moves are very strong. Who says evolving makes you stronger when you can just hold an item to boost your defenses and smack opponents with normal-type fury?

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