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Some of my that I did the other day at work with my new markers. I'm really excited to keep working with them!

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If fandom and fanfiction are more your speed, have a gander at my ao3 account!

It's drawtober time again! This year I'm doing a prompt list I found on Instagram.
Day 1- Starter.
Torchic was my first ever Pokemon.

Soooo... Time to work on a project I guess!

Me? Well I just put my mate down for a nap because he literally fell asleep playing a game with me.

Sup folx? Anyone up to anything interesting today?

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If you want to help spread the word about the Fediverse, try politely asking your favourite sites, organisations or projects what their Fediverse/Mastodon/PixelFed etc address is.

Obviously not everyone has the time or the spoons to maintain social media accounts, but just casually asking for an address will indirectly let them know the Fediverse exists.

The more people that ask them, the more likely they are to find out more about the Fediverse and join :fediverse: 👍

#Fediverse #FediTips

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To all my neo-pronoun, xenogender, otherkin, non-human, and otherwise "weird gender" friends
Y'all are amazing and I love y'all. Keep being unapologetically yourselves.

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I never played the original but my mate has so I'm excited to see him excited

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I hope we remember to get snap tomorrow. I wanna play finally

So excited for those pokemon day announcements. I never played snap but my partner did, and watching him get teary eyed about playing it with me is hype

Someone send me your favorite fanfiction. Idk what fandom. Bonus for length. I wanna read fanworks while I continue to ignore all the books on my kindle lol

It's days like today I wish I was a glaceon

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Personal, alterhumanity, work adjacent 

I wanna be a badass sabertooth today but I absolutely feel more like a cowardly lion.
I have a work thing and I'm naturally very non confrontational. But I promised I would talk if I had a problem at work and I...have a problem.

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