Episode 4 of of my LP is now up at blog.xenni.co.uk/lps/adventure

Finally getting used to Wordpress I think, though my writing style really isn't improving...

It's taken me this long to realise how over-powered Exp.Share is now. I'm still in the Gen1/Gen2 mindset of it reduces Exp gains, not increases them.


:decidueye:​ Decidueye is a sassy ass mofo.
I think I've a new top5 fave pokémon entry...

Episode 3 is a bit later this week because I'm wanting to do it on Thursdays instead of Mondays.

Gym Challenge time!

Ok I have just learned of :indeedee:​ Indeedee and as a brit I am massively amused and slightly offended. Well played TPC, you have gauged brits perfectly xD

What's your trainer class? And what's your lead pokémon? :D

Should be obvious I'm a Hex Maniac leading with Gengar :3

Adventures of a Hex Maniac - Part 2!

I know I can do a lot better than this, but mental health is absolutely whupping me lately.


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I am #antifa.
According to the US Administration, I am a terrorist.

I am non-violent. I am anti-hate, I am anti-racist, I am pro-choice, I am #LoveWins, I am human.

According to the US Administration, I am a terrorist.

I am Transgender, Asexual, Omniromantic, and in a long-term relationship with a cis woman.

According to the US Administration, I am a terrorist.

It's just occured to me there's no Ghost Types that evolve a second time though Levelling up...

The ghost challenge is way harder than anticipated.

Lick is an awful, awful move...

So glad I added a disclaimer to the LP in ep1...

Is it me or is Lillie totally gay for Olivia in USUM?

Episode 1 of my PokémonX LP is live! 😟

Bearing in mind, it's the first time I've done anything like this. I can write DND/LARP scenarios, but never anything like this.

Constructive criticism welcome <3 :gastly:

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A lovely being has made this in dedication to the NHS. The 6 band rainbow flag is being used and flown in the UK to celebrate them, and is erasing queer folk and their struggles. Bigots who shout abuse and attack us are now waving this flag happily.

Fine, the rainbow is a symbol of hope. The 6 band flag, however, is ours. It's annoyed me from Day 1 of our rainbow being used, but what could I say? Our NHS are heroes, and I was sure I was the only one.

Blue is the colour of our NHS, Blue is what everyone associates with our nations carers.

The Blue Rainbow is for them. The Heroes of this Pandemic. A unique creation in their honour.

The original post on FB is at bit.ly/nhsblue #NHS #Pride #Rainbow

Professor Sycamore's hair looks like
- He lost an argument with a stylist
- He asked a :lickitung:​ Lickitung to style it
- He asked :goomy:​ Goomy to sit on his head for a while

More coming soon...

Well, I gave up trying to add the Hex Maniac in as the player model for , and made a start on the weirdness that will be my hex-maniac

As predicted, starting with :gastly:​ gastly has gone swimmingly...

I've decided to post the up on a wordpress blog of my creation, just need to make it a bit more me :D

Clarification, Hex Maniac. No idea why I thought they were mystics. *facepalm*

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Hey, on here I shall be known as Mystica, I'm known by a few names around mind. Love pokemon, been playing since Gen1 first released on the OG GameBoy. Lover of Ghost Types [Mystic trainer class, of course :D]

I intend to basically LP one of the pokémon games, as a Mystic type trainer, so this will involve me modifying my game to start with an appropriate ghost type. and possibly adding more in as I go.

I'm not a competitive pokémon player, I just chill and roll with it.

I'm also a pokefarmer, my username on there is Xenni ^_^

Oh, and my fave Pokémon are Gengar, Umbreon and Aegislash :P


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