Episode 4 of of my LP is now up at blog.xenni.co.uk/lps/adventure

Finally getting used to Wordpress I think, though my writing style really isn't improving...

It's taken me this long to realise how over-powered Exp.Share is now. I'm still in the Gen1/Gen2 mindset of it reduces Exp gains, not increases them.


:decidueye:​ Decidueye is a sassy ass mofo.
I think I've a new top5 fave pokémon entry...

Episode 3 is a bit later this week because I'm wanting to do it on Thursdays instead of Mondays.

Gym Challenge time!

Ok I have just learned of :indeedee:​ Indeedee and as a brit I am massively amused and slightly offended. Well played TPC, you have gauged brits perfectly xD

What's your trainer class? And what's your lead pokémon? :D

Should be obvious I'm a Hex Maniac leading with Gengar :3

Adventures of a Hex Maniac - Part 2!

I know I can do a lot better than this, but mental health is absolutely whupping me lately.


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I am #antifa.
According to the US Administration, I am a terrorist.

I am non-violent. I am anti-hate, I am anti-racist, I am pro-choice, I am #LoveWins, I am human.

According to the US Administration, I am a terrorist.

I am Transgender, Asexual, Omniromantic, and in a long-term relationship with a cis woman.

According to the US Administration, I am a terrorist.

It's just occured to me there's no Ghost Types that evolve a second time though Levelling up...

The ghost challenge is way harder than anticipated.

Lick is an awful, awful move...

So glad I added a disclaimer to the LP in ep1...

Is it me or is Lillie totally gay for Olivia in USUM?

Episode 1 of my PokémonX LP is live! 😟

Bearing in mind, it's the first time I've done anything like this. I can write DND/LARP scenarios, but never anything like this.

Constructive criticism welcome <3 :gastly:

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Professor Sycamore's hair looks like
- He lost an argument with a stylist
- He asked a :lickitung:​ Lickitung to style it
- He asked :goomy:​ Goomy to sit on his head for a while

More coming soon...

Well, I gave up trying to add the Hex Maniac in as the player model for , and made a start on the weirdness that will be my hex-maniac

As predicted, starting with :gastly:​ gastly has gone swimmingly...

I've decided to post the up on a wordpress blog of my creation, just need to make it a bit more me :D

Clarification, Hex Maniac. No idea why I thought they were mystics. *facepalm*

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Hey, on here I shall be known as Mystica, I'm known by a few names around mind. Love pokemon, been playing since Gen1 first released on the OG GameBoy. Lover of Ghost Types [Mystic trainer class, of course :D]

I intend to basically LP one of the pokémon games, as a Mystic type trainer, so this will involve me modifying my game to start with an appropriate ghost type. and possibly adding more in as I go.

I'm not a competitive pokémon player, I just chill and roll with it.

I'm also a pokefarmer, my username on there is Xenni ^_^

Oh, and my fave Pokémon are Gengar, Umbreon and Aegislash :P


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