Hey, on here I shall be known as Mystica, I'm known by a few names around mind. Love pokemon, been playing since Gen1 first released on the OG GameBoy. Lover of Ghost Types [Mystic trainer class, of course :D]

I intend to basically LP one of the pokémon games, as a Mystic type trainer, so this will involve me modifying my game to start with an appropriate ghost type. and possibly adding more in as I go.

I'm not a competitive pokémon player, I just chill and roll with it.

I'm also a pokefarmer, my username on there is Xenni ^_^

Oh, and my fave Pokémon are Gengar, Umbreon and Aegislash :P

Clarification, Hex Maniac. No idea why I thought they were mystics. *facepalm*

@Mystica That kind of trainer is named " Mystimaniac" in French. Also, there are many trainer classes that are based around the same idea (Channeler, Medium, Psychic), so it may be a bit difficult to get the right name.

@Feufochmar Given I don't speak a lick of French, I can't really pass that off as a viable excuse, interesting though :D

@Mystica Hello there Mystic/a Xenni, welcome aboard:detective_pikachu:​ You peaked my curiosity, there are always questions to be had such as, what is poke-farm? and are you going to be recording/cataloguing your LP on YT for example? I am Link EV, Let me know if I can be of assistance. Considering censorship I wouldn't be surprised if they were to name a spell-caster class 'Mystic' as opposed to Hex or Occult. I see you have great taste in Pokemon, let me know if you need any of them bred or such. Aside from that I hope you have a satisfying journey.

Pokefarm is a website [3rd party] which focuses on breeding and collecting over battling pokemon. They've expanded it a bit as well, adding fakemon, albino and melanistic variants and as well as other Mega Evolutions. It's an amazing time sink for me ^_^

Despite having a modified 3DS, I don't have the means to record it. The plan was many screenshots, occasional liberties taken with modifying where pokemon were encountered. I'll be starting out with a Shiny Gastley that has preferential [but not perfect] stats.

Currently trying to see if I can modify the trainer model so I'm actually playing as a Hex Maniac instead of Serena

@Mystica Interesting, I have knowledge & Intel on the previous generations if needed as for the current and 3DS era from what I hear different tools may be needed (sort of like how people can record their footage on the Switch for example). But yes, I believe that is how LPs and Nucklockes started actually, as a series of humorous screen caps that weave into a compelling story that now everyone wants a piece of that action you know? I'll have to search up more information on Pokefarm, for some reason it sounds similar to a long ago website called Pokemon Crater or something like that. If you are able to still use the trading system/PSS the O-powers could be beneficial. Please Let me know as you progress.

@Link_EV Will keep you in mind for future shenanigans then :D

There's a link to my pokefarm account on my profile if you're interested ^_^

@Mystica welcome to the server!! I’m happy to have you here, I hope you like it!

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