@sprocket I always go fishing for Chinchou for my watery needs ^_^ I tend to stick by my favourites when I can and honestly, I think it's kinda killed off my appreciation and enjoyment of the newer games. Trying a thing at the moment to beat a generation with only that generations pokemon as a casual play

That's fair, never really looked at it like that. I always ran off for a Mankey when I started with Charmander and went on a geodude hunt for Falkner. Though it's rare I use anything other than Bulbasaur or Cyndaquil in runs :D

@sprocket I've never thought early game in Gen1 or Gen2 was that hard :/ Except maybe needing a HM Slave for Flash

@sachirin Gastly Guest Appearance :3

also how on earth did a snorlax get down there?! Seriously look at the size difference between Snorlax and Dugtrio :/ lol

@sachirin The feels :o
Kinda wanna see the ditto book now

@whimsicott I broke it? there's a bit with a decent and sod knows where I am or what I'm doing :/ think I'm OOB

@peachie If there's truscum on here I haven't found them yet. :ms_transgender_flag:

also given there's an enby quing on here who's incredibly loud and proud, I reckon you're safe <3

If not, I'll grab my sword :honedge:​ and cause some trouble >:D

@sachirin This is my favourite :D
chonky 'chu is so cute :3

@g There's some freaking amazing pokédex entires as well, especially for the ghost types :D

Another name for the teapot used to be a kettle though :P so that may be where the reference is

Episode 4 of of my LP is now up at blog.xenni.co.uk/lps/adventure

Finally getting used to Wordpress I think, though my writing style really isn't improving...

It's taken me this long to realise how over-powered Exp.Share is now. I'm still in the Gen1/Gen2 mindset of it reduces Exp gains, not increases them.


:decidueye:​ Decidueye is a sassy ass mofo.
I think I've a new top5 fave pokémon entry...

Episode 3 is a bit later this week because I'm wanting to do it on Thursdays instead of Mondays.

Gym Challenge time!

Ok I have just learned of :indeedee:​ Indeedee and as a brit I am massively amused and slightly offended. Well played TPC, you have gauged brits perfectly xD

What's your trainer class? And what's your lead pokémon? :D

Should be obvious I'm a Hex Maniac leading with Gengar :3

Adventures of a Hex Maniac - Part 2!

I know I can do a lot better than this, but mental health is absolutely whupping me lately.


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