Hmm. What is a good psychic team for AlphaSapphire?

Looking to grow my Pokemon RP channel on discord. We use the Pokecord plugin/bot to play Pokemon. Come play with me!

No active games as of yet still getting it going. Would love to have an active place to RP pokemon.

Tumblr hate 

What’s wild is after running a Pokémon blog on Tumblr for five years I’ve had more interaction here in less than 20 posts. Thank god tumblr is killing itself so places like this will prosper!

I don’t know if I love or hate Super Training lol

Charmander gets some powerful moves, but if you're raising one from a baby you have to start from Scratch

I might eventually trade out Beedrill for Venipede. But here’s the story so far!

Decided to revisit Kalos! Gonna use a non-standard starter for my tour of the region. Please pick a poison type to be my buddy! Most commented species wins!

Day 53927271 I still haven't beaten Ultra Moon xD at least I started pulling in my AlphaSapphire pokes so I can complete the dex afterwards

Pokemon of the day (well, yesterday):

Mushroom friend!

I've been doing colored pencil pokemon drawingslately to practice traditional art. This was a little sunflora I did since I love sunflowers. #coloredpencil #pokemon #sunflora #prismacolor #prismacolorscholar

Anyone excited for events coming up on Jan. 20th?

I'm a Pokemon professor! I'm not very good at battles but I am good at everything else! ^-^ it's a pleasure to be here!

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