Hmm. What is a good psychic team for AlphaSapphire?

Looking to grow my Pokemon RP channel on discord. We use the Pokecord plugin/bot to play Pokemon. Come play with me!

No active games as of yet still getting it going. Would love to have an active place to RP pokemon.

Tumblr hate 

I don’t know if I love or hate Super Training lol

Charmander gets some powerful moves, but if you're raising one from a baby you have to start from Scratch

I might eventually trade out Beedrill for Venipede. But here’s the story so far!

Decided to revisit Kalos! Gonna use a non-standard starter for my tour of the region. Please pick a poison type to be my buddy! Most commented species wins!

Day 53927271 I still haven't beaten Ultra Moon xD at least I started pulling in my AlphaSapphire pokes so I can complete the dex afterwards

Pokemon of the day (well, yesterday):

Mushroom friend!

I've been doing colored pencil pokemon drawingslately to practice traditional art. This was a little sunflora I did since I love sunflowers. #coloredpencil #pokemon #sunflora #prismacolor #prismacolorscholar

Anyone excited for events coming up on Jan. 20th?

I'm a Pokemon professor! I'm not very good at battles but I am good at everything else! ^-^ it's a pleasure to be here!

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