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I know having two different variants of the same Pokemon on my team is a bit odd, but I'm going for a whole archeology theme, which means both forms of Cofagrigus are neat.

I made a collaborative writing project inspired by SCP but more geared towards supernatural/paranormal and rooted in the genre. Check it out if that's your cup of tea

Note: I made this because of a dream I had last night lol.

Note: I would just contribute to SCP but it's nice to have something that hasn't grown quite so, er, massive? I feel it would be difficult to have a truly original idea with so much content already existing.

Back to lurking

Unpopular Opinion 

I really liked Pokémon's fourth gen, but my unpopular opinion is that it's really only one that a lot of people liked because of its online features and the thirst for Cynthia.

Pokémon BW/BW2 was actually a very matured game for the Pokémon franchise, despite the so called "uninspired" Pokémon designs was well balanced, and had a darker feel to the story. Which honestly gives it more replay value. There, I said it.

I'd like to apologise to anyone stuck behind me on my way to work this morning, but my little Altima doesn't like the snow and anything faster than 40MPH had her all over the place soooo

So earl grey lattes are actually amazing? Why didn't anyone tell me? Explain yourselves

@shadow8t4 i have good news: mimikyus are very good even when we're not talking about them

Pokémon Company: Do you like Pokémon?
Millennial Celebrity: Not really, no.
Pokémon Company: Here's money.
Millennial Celebrity: I ****ing love Pokémon, I'm all about it. Pikachu is the greatest. Let's do a ****ing concert!

I am trying to figure out the perfect number of cinnamon rolls to have with coffee are, and so far three isn't enough...but four seems unhealthy. But this year has been a shitstorm already so why not?

Furries are a conspiracy by NASA to sell more suits, wake up mareeple.

52 posts! Wooo! Now just 999,948 more to make the post 'o meter flash TILT

Mimikyu wants to make a snowpokemon!! Can we make it a Mimikyu??? I want a friend!!

My wife has just informed me that "cereal broth" is not an okay thing to say.

My brother is a mechanic and we got the sensor to replace the messed up on and I hope it's only a sensor because I'm gonna be real stressed if not

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