@hi_cial @aoikurayami i feel kinda silly but it wasnt til this comment that i realized i don't actually need any server side scripting. forgive my old brain

So this is (codename) Project Wander, our next game.

You're the bird who manages the impossibly huge mail room in a teenager's brain. It's a walking/hiking sim!

I'm working on the stumble and trip mechanics lately. Half-Life sounds purely placeholder because Half-Life sounds make everything better.

Also oh my god #ScreenshotSaturday matters over here again! Because hashtags! YES

placed together in a little pdf are all the queer birds i drew during pride

i had fun, mayhap you will too. PEENT

Totally spent 10$ to share pride birds on another site bci want more ppl to see them

Like not even hire me to do more just: look at them


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