@Rasupdoo I absolutely loved playing Jet Set Radio Future growing up. This is the cutest!!

@andecoas isn't it such a great game?? i have very fond memories playing jest set radio future over at a friend's house! it's always lowkey made me want to become a tagger+roller-skater, haha

@Rasupdoo never played Future (sega why didn't you port this original xbox game anywhere else whyyyyy), but I love playing the original JSR on my PSVita, music is just amazing, gameplay is unique, the designs, locations, characters, the bizarre story.... and really how I found about it was youtube recommending me music from the soundtrack.

@DoruDoLasu it's quite the game, eh? i love the style so much... and the tunes! there's a pretty neat jetsetradio station website out there, too! a good way to listen to some tracks and veg out!

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