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Well, I don't know what I'm doing here but figured why not. So, Howdy y'all. I am mostly into games and film (especially animation) with a healthy dose of other pop culture oddities mixed in. I also enjoy spending some time searching for lost media or finding weird or obscure low view count videos on video platforms.

I've got multiple cats, occasionally I make some music.

Favorite Games/Series: Pokemon, World of Warcraft, Kingdom Hearts, Neopets, Final Fantasy

Favorite Music Artists: Psapp, Modest Mouse, Charli XCX, Placebo, Neal Acree

Favorite Films: Tokyo Godfathers, Barber Westchester, It's Such A Beautiful Day, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse

( Also have a letterboxd Account.

Since I joined the Pokemon one, here are my favorite Pokemon: Roserade (#1), Frosslass, Milotic, Mega Banette, Ninetales, Mega Mawile, and Gardevoir.

Good Morning everyone. Hope you all have a nice day!

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it's my birthday, can i get some fucking BOOSTS???

(selfie, ec)

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Hey everyone!

We just created a #gofundme for my healthcare (colonoscopy + gastroscopy) and electricity bills.

We have to raise around 1000€.

You can read more about it on the GoFundMe link below.

Any help is appreciated, thank you. Please boost 🙏🏻

#mutualaid #transcrowdfund #crowdfund @mutualaid

They really ruined lavender town in HGSS/GSC Because boy is it a massive downgrade from the spirit tower graveyard to the radio tower nonsense.

Wow, did not expect My Chemical Romance to drop a new song. It's pretty good though.

rewatching Man this show is so amazing. I love it so much. 😍​

Covid, Illness, 

I got exposed to Covid and am Sick again ☹️​Did not sleep well because of being sick

Going to try to complete every single quest on one single character.

POV you are riding around as Tarzan in a surprisingly solid Disney skating game (Also this track is just great in general)

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Please consider contributing to my friend Phoebe’s fund for her gender confirmation surgeries.

Been a pretty hectic past few days, nice to have some relaxing time. Watching the race.

Buddies will be removed from battlegrounds next patch which sucks. I love them they are a lot of fun.

I really feel like Mario Kart DS fits this to a T as well. Going to a totally different style and genre of the game here, it's a well-balanced and well-designed kart racer. It's Mario Kart boiled down to the modern essence and this game did it first.

There are a lot of iconic courses in the DS game, there's the wonderful mission mode, the best battle mode in the series. Everything there feels great to play and experience.

The roster is pretty top-notch, there are a lot of varied and personable karts for each character which opens you up to picking any kart once you fully beat the game.

A lot of nice small touches with sound design on certain tracks, and the soundtrack is great. It's all around the best Mario kart in my eyes.

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In your eyes what are some of the most perfect ever released? What do you think when you hear the words "I wouldn't change a thing."? What do you really seek out when you want to play something.

For me, a game that immediately comes to mind is Ico. It's one of that games that I can go back to and just experience everything I felt the first time. The mystery, the puzzles, the loneliness of the castle, your focal point being Yorda.

The game is a true work of art. In the design of the world, the simplistic mechanics that time after time bolsters the story.

The fact our protagonist and Yorda can't talk to one another. They speak different languages and the game puts you fully immersed as the boy during cutscenes, you don't know what she says because he doesn't.

Everything is wonderful and its massive legacy on games today is obvious.

Dark Cloud 2 is just such a masterpiece of a game that builds upon everything the first game did well. I desperately wish we got a third one in the series but I know that'll never happen.

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