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My Pokémon games, in the order I played them:

Trading Card Game, Blue, Gold, Crystal, Stadium, Coliseum, Gale of Darkness, Emerald (never finished), Y, Omega Ruby, White, HeartGold, GO, Sun, Ultra Sun, Quest.

I’d like to play Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee if I can ever get a Switch, and then Shield once it’s out.

I have at least one each of every species of Pokémon sitting on my Ultra Sun cartridge. The only ones I’ve never had are Meltan and Melmetal, but I’m working on that :masto_ball_blue:

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@audreyaudino Sobble’s final form, Boohoo, a Water/Ghost cute sad goth lizard.

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dont bother lughcario before they've had tea

or they will show you what its meant by "fight dog"

based on feedback i'm modifying my game to prevent you from just spamming the b button

gonna have it use up a resource called Juice that refills slowly

what do you think of my graphic for it

Region exclusive pokémon will be available in 7 km eggs :pokemon_egg:​ Sept 9, as well as all Deoxsys forms appearing for EX Raids :deoxys_defense::deoxys_speed::deoxys_attack:

alright so now i'm finalized with the design, here's the zorua-pikachu hybrid adopt i got from @MapleandPie !

her name is Kalli, and her tail is HIGHLY fluffy tbh

Can we talk about Togekiss for a second??

It's got Thunderwave. So a 25% chance to immobilize an opponent, plus it cuts speed in half.

But then it has Serene Grace, doubling Air Slash to a 60% flinch chance.

And it has Encore, just to add insult to injury.

Someone's gonna end up assaulting me with their Switch next year, I think.

big fucking mad about not getting to do Suicune raid day 😡

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