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some pokémon that i like: gogoat, mega charizard y, mudkip, snorlax, raichu, girafarig, scrafty, tyranitar, zygarde, hawlucha, scissor, salazzle, alolan muk, gengar, cloyster, mawile, ultra necrozma, magearna (gen 1–7)

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My Pokémon games, in the order I played them:

Trading Card Game, Blue, Gold, Crystal, Stadium, Coliseum, Gale of Darkness, Emerald (never finished), Y, Omega Ruby, White, HeartGold, GO, Sun, Ultra Sun, Quest.

I’d like to play Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee if I can ever get a Switch, and then Shield once it’s out.

I have at least one each of every species of Pokémon sitting on my Ultra Sun cartridge. The only ones I’ve never had are Meltan and Melmetal, but I’m working on that :masto_ball_blue:

Tank, the Perfect Boy :snorlax:

Caught this gigantamax Snorlax in a raid, he’s got perfect 6IV and hidden ability Gluttony. Just have to use a Brave Mint to change his Nature and decide on a move set, i’m thinking—
• Belly Drum
• High Horsepower or Earthquake
• Body Slam
• Zen Headbutt or Crunch
and Held Item will be Figy Berry.

He’s named in honor of the first Snorlax i ever caught, all the way back in Blue Version.

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looking to do some trades.

offering Grookey, Shield exclusives, and rare non-exclusive species.

need Scorbunny, Sobble, and Sword exclusives.

detailed list in reply

anyone still play Pokémon Masters? i took a break but they pulled me back in with the opportunity to get Mewtwo :mewtwo:

Dubwool has the most intimidating dynamax cry. it’s like [[B E H]] 🐏

Dubwool has the most intimidating dynamax cry. it’s like [[B E H]] 🐏

if the safari zone bans me for hollering at the pokémon i will face arceus and walk backwards into the distortion world

it is with a heavy heart i must announce that Team Rocket is blasting off again

Food P 2,000
Data P 1,500
Rent P 8,000
Rare Candies P 36,000
Utility P 1,500
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my team is dying.

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:poke_ball:​ couldn't find a simple text list of the Galar Pokédex, so i typed it out myself, here's a link if anyone else needs it

why is it so hard to find a good pokédex app?

anybody know an up-to-date pokédex app for iOS with a decent interface?

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