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My Pokémon games, in the order I played them:

Trading Card Game, Blue, Gold, Crystal, Stadium, Coliseum, Gale of Darkness, Emerald (never finished), Y, Omega Ruby, White, HeartGold, GO, Sun, Ultra Sun, Quest.

I’d like to play Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee if I can ever get a Switch, and then Shield once it’s out.

I have at least one each of every species of Pokémon sitting on my Ultra Sun cartridge. The only ones I’ve never had are Meltan and Melmetal, but I’m working on that :masto_ball_blue:

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Top Picks for “Most Butch Pokémon”:
1. Scrafty :scrafty:
2. Granbull :granbull:
3. Ursaring :ursaring:


@SapphicGirafarig LMAO the old people in the local NOLA PoGo Discord are bitching about the 4–7 time slot being too late for them

Just the other day I was thinking to myself about how much I like Mudkips and what a shame it was that I didn’t have one in Pokémon GO and uhhh... I guess someone at Niantic was listening :mudkip::team_instinct:

i’ve decided to start pulling daily pokefusions instead of tarot cards to get my fortune. this is what the thread.

thank for voting earlier! im wanna talk about snorter art i did lmao. it is haunter and snorlax combined. a v good silly bb and i'd imagine it's a more weird helping pokemon like chansey and less sinister like haunter but still likes to play wholesome pranks. kinda got the cat thing goin' on where you wanna watch out for the claws lmao maybe they retract but those things are big. it maintains levitation by the lighter than air gas it produces and is filled with.

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