I decided to get Transformers Battlegrounds for my Switch~ This is how far I've gotten in it so far.

Oh geez.. Shockwave.. .-.

So... remember the "animal abuser" channel that I posted about? Well... It turned out to be a "fake" one. Geez.. I don't get people like that.. Apparently what I've heard the guy reposted those videos onto his channel. Sheesh..

Guys, this is really urgent! Please report these two channels: youtube.com/channel/UCf-ozlbK6
(wspeve) and youtube.com/channel/UCVLL7iMnc (c1rinq) this is disturbing, they shouldn't be doing this on youtube.. >︿< they abuse animals.. which is not okay. again, please report them!

Man... I'm glad I got Spyro Reignited Trilogy on PC.. the graphics are so good. It was really worth the wait~

Moneybags.. Why you gotta be so annoying throughout the Spyro games? πŸ™„

With Transformers Battlegrounds coming out tomorrow, I might get it on Steam. It's been so long since I last played a Transformers game. Last one I played was Transformers: Rise of The Dark Spark on the PS3 (When I had it)

Uhm.. which Pokemon is considered OP in your opinion? :) For me... Probably Salamence or Dragonite. :)

For pokemon games i used to have:
Pokemon FireRed
Pokemon Saphire
Pokemon Ruby
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Y

And for plushies I have:
Pikachu (My mom crocheted it) and Raichu. Raichu is my favorite Pokemon. :) Next I want to get a Gengar one.. (I freaking love Gengar. :3 )

So... Mojang announced the Caves and Cliffs update for Minecraft's next big update, huh? Well... I guess I know where to build my next base... Underground.


I was playing Sonic Forces just now to get a screenshot of my sonic oc to use as a profile pic and I think this'll do just fine. Despite what others say about Sonic Forces.. I still think it's a pretty fun game. :)


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