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What would be great to ever find would be prototypes and betas of Pokémon games, like these Pokémon Gold/Silver previews

Here's how Korean Gold/Silver look like when force-booted in Game Boy mode

The first Pokémon games South Korea got were Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Despite originally being Game Boy-compatible games, the Korean versions could only be played on a Game Boy Color, because the Hangul characters required additional memory to display.

There wasn't a Korean release of Pokémon Crystal, because Gold/Silver released there in 2002 and the lifespan of the Game Boy was already over.

South Korea did not get Gen 3 either, but got every subsequent games from Gen 4 and onwards.

What I did with this some months ago as an experiment with this was adding a "BEPIS" type in the game, a type that was resisting any other type and itself, but normal, to which it was weak to, and I made Charmander being of this type to test it, and it worked. Was a fun thing to do

This is a GitHub repository containing the source code of Pokémon Red and Blue, disassembled and refactored to human-readable (and editable!) asm.

While the code is refactored, its functionality is untouched, and the ROMs you built with this code will be identical to the one that is on US Pokémon Red or Blue cartridge.

It is a really cool and interesting project!

As you can notice, the instance is often crashing. This is because the server it is on is frequently running out of RAM. I am unfortunately not always available to react immediately either.

Storage space is going to be an issue at some point too.

Unfortunately, it's the only tier of server I have access to financially.

If you would like to change this and make the instance faster and more reliable by allowing me to upgrade the server, you can donate on Liberapay:

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The Pokémon of the day is: Wynaut! :wynaut:

Did you know? In Generation I, your rival's trainer sprite changes throughout the game

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:pyukumuku: is one of my favorite alolan pokemon, and petting it in pokemon refresh never fails to make me giggle.

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:dewpider:​ has a strange but rather good design. It's a reverse version of real-life spiders that live underwater, inside an air bubble they made with their web.
:dewpider:​ and its evolution are good defensive pokémons.

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The Pokémon of the day is: Dewpider! :dewpider:

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Tournoi Amical US/UL

If you like this competition, please boost. It is a rule to use only Pokemon of ♀.

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#ポケモン ソウルシルバー予約特典のルギアフィギュア。安定の海洋堂クオリティ。ちょっと前の造形表現かもしれないけど、この翼のディティール、好き。

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We're a Mastodon instance for fans of the Pokémon Franchise!

We have:

:tick:​ Enhanced Mastodon features thanks to the glitch-soc fork (doodles, local-only posts, and more!
:tick:​ Custom emojis for every Pokémon, and @mutstd emojis
:tick:​ A friendly community, protected from hostile instances in the federation

Do you want to join a new instance, or know a Pokéfan who wants to join Mastodon?

Consider joining or telling people about!

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Welcome to Pokémon News!

This will be an account posting manually curated Pokémon news from reputable sources such as or BulbaNews, official sources, and maybe rumors, that will of course be tagged as such.

I hope you enjoy it!

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