See last boost, can someone who I don't already have as a friend add me on Pokémon Go? I need a new friend for a task

@Siphonay yes! another friend to give a supercomputer to

@glorfindel I accepted you! I'm glad to have you as a friend

@Siphonay I’m conflicted here because it would be cool to add you (or any other Masto folks) and get the French eggs and on the other, I’d have to give away my Bat-identity to do so (I use a completely different handle for PoGo than here)

Adding you on my sister’s iPad account just doesn’t seem right, since she never plays and I only grab the iPad about twice a week for raiding.

@Siphonay I just sent you a request (I'm Sigafoos). Thanks for hosting this instance!

@dconley I'll accept it next time I play Pokémon Go! It's my pleasure, thank you for being here and welcome!

My Pokemon GO's name is Orca18. Nice to meet you in the game.

@Siphonay just sent a request. not very active but exchanging gifs is something i guess

@Siphonay I'm late to the party. I've sent you a friend request 🙂

@Siphonay Not sure if you already took care of this, but I just added you.

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