Attention new users! First of all, welcome to I am delighted that you chose this instance as a home, and I hope you will enjoy your stay!

I would like, if you didn't do so already, that you familiarize yourself with the instance's rules:

I am the administrator here and I also run the instance on the technical level. So, if you have any questions, about this place, or about Mastodon in general, do not hesitate to ping me! I will try to help you the best I can so you can enjoy being a part of the fediverse as much as possible.

Have a nice day!

On another note I'd love to know where all the new people here come from! Did someone recommend the instance on Tumblr?

@Siphonay I found it on the "Find communities" section, myself.

@JoltBre I see. I'm glad you signed up here! I hope you like it

@Siphonay Well, I'm still trying to work things out. Wish I had seen your post sooner about not having to sign up on every instance, though 😅

@Siphonay Well, that is to say, I wish I hadn't signed up to three others before this one 🤣

@JoltBre seems like there are a lot of users who don't know that when signing up... Some people are saying "don't talk about that to potential new users, it's too technical and it will scare them away" but at the same time it's sort of the main feature of Mastodon.

@Siphonay Mhmm! In any case, good on you for letting others know that they don't have to go through the sign-up process ∞ times! 👍

@JoltBre yeah, that would honestly make Mastodon really unappealing if you had to...

@Siphonay I migrated from Tumblr, but used the and searched for a pokemon community ^^

@Siphonay I'm also still figuring things out. Thanks for being so welcoming!

@chthonicdragon take your time! I hope you will feel comfortable here.

@Siphonay I came here from Tumblr because of the Purge, I'm still pretty new to this but that is my main reason joining. I also came here because when signing up it requires you to join an instance, which I chose this one xP

@Gamingfiker678 I'm happy you did! I hope you feel at home here. Welcome!

@Siphonay Thank you! I also have some questions that of course come from starting a new thing, on your profile, you have a "Personal Profile" would I have one so I can join other instances or what's the deal-io there?

@Gamingfiker678 You can interact with any other instance when you're on one! Think of Mastodon as e-mail with a social media presentation.

Signing up on multiple different instance is a matter of if and how you want to compartmentalize what you post about. But when you signed up on one nothing stop you from interacting with other people from other instances. Per example, I can see you followed my account, so you'll be able to see the toots I do from there on your own feed, even though it's a different instance

(I hope this is clear enough, don't hesitate to tell me if it's not!)

@Siphonay oh my gosh, this clears up a whole nother' Level for me, thanks!!😁​

@Siphonay and what if I toot a thing I really like from another instance? Would it show on this instance or what's the goings ons of that?

@Siphonay Found this instance on the mainpage to get an account and general/pokemon seems to be my life rn with all the pokemonGo updates so it made the most sense to choose.

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