Happy to announce the first anniversary of the domain name, that I just renewed.

The instance opened registrations on January 18, 2018!

Off to another year!


@Siphonay really? i thought your instance was way older than that...

@monorail nope! :3 I had an instance in 2017 that was called but it was quiet and short lived

@Siphonay somehow I already knew about your instance when it was only a couple days old, then... bc the whole joke was "there's a donphan instance but not one for my favourite pokemon :victorthink:"

@monorail yeah I remember you did that not very long after I opened

@Siphonay i genuinely believed that d.s was one of those instances from time immemorial, like during the first big push you had gone "you know what? there should be a pokemon one"

@Siphonay see now i'm worried that the first message i ever sent you (something along the lines of "haha ice beats ground nerd B)") came off as more like me cramping your style and trying to establish my own general pokemon instance than it did "hi your domain name inspired a joke i've put too much work into"

@monorail I'll be honest and say that's how I felt at first but after some time it was very clear you just wanted your own nice instance and not maliciously steal my potential userbase

@monorail and like also it's not like there wasn't a Pokémon instance already, just that it was Japanese. It's not like there's a patent on instances dedicated to certain themes, so even if you did want to do the exact same thing as I did after it, I would have been bitter on a personal level but there wouldn't have been anything wrong with it, the point of the fediverse is that it's decentralized and that anybody's free to open an instance about whatever they want

@Siphonay oh yeah for sure, but it'd have been kind of a dick move even if there wasn't technically anything wrong with it

the tone i was going for was more like if someone came to you /today/ from like "what's up nerd i got that 2x STAB on your whole instance :P", where you have an established userbase and realistically even if they wanted to take over the pokemon audience they wouldn't be able to, so the fact that they said something anyway would make it clearly a joke

@Siphonay Happy anniversary! 🎊 I can’t believe it’s only been a year. Here’s to many more!

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