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Honestly I'm a bit fed up with people who sign up on this instance just to get a Pokémon username and then never sign in ever again

@Siphonay :( im sorry, i mean to post on here more im just bad at keeping up with alt accounts :(

@bayleef it's fine, you actually post(ed) stuff, there are people who just never touch the account again, no bio, no avatar, nothing

@Siphonay oh, yikes, thats real bad :(. again, im sorry for my inactivity

@bayleef it's fine, nobody owes me activity for having an account here, you're all right

@Siphonay that sucks. And I know it effects like when I try and find new people on the search function, empty accounts are hella frustrating.

if its any consolation donphan has become my primary social media account now and the tab is always open on my laptop

@Siphonay I'd cull them. GIve people who really want the username a chance.

@whimsicott @maverynthia I wish I could do that but with the way Mastodon works this could cause technical problems.

When you suspend someone, their account is deleted, but their username remains taken

@whimsicott @Siphonay @maverynthia i've had to manually override that before and it causes Weird Federation Shit

it's bad

@Siphonay @whimsicott @maverynthia that's so weird I didn't know that. I almost suggested deletion after x days of inactivity the other night but that's so complicated. Dang.

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