Hello fediverse!

As you know, donphan.social has every single Pokémon emoji (currently only up to Gen 7, but that’s gonna change in the future)

I actually had to write a script to process all of the sprites, and get images that would look nice and crisp (not blurry because they’re resized) as custom emojis.

That required some work on my part, and I’ve noticed many instances copied some or all of them. Even if they’re not my intellectual property, I would appreciate some recognition for the work I put into bringing them in the fedi.

If you’re an admin of an instance that uses them (check in your custom emojis if the ones you are using are using an identical image file as donphan.social), can you please attribute me and donphan.social somewhere on your instance for them? Thank you very much!


@monorail @masanbol@snouts.online @multiple_creatures@monsterpit.net I think your instances uses them, can you please consider doing this? Thanks!

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