Which is the first Pokémon?

@Siphonay (wait frick i misread "first" as best" and now i can't unvote mew aaa)
((also the real answer is victini because it's #0 in the unova pokédex /s))


okay i know you're being intentionally vague and offering a bunch of different kinds of "firsts"

probably to see what other people define as first in "importance" since aside from poliwag i know why each pokemon is an option for "first"

but i'm the type that chooses option six in this case and asks for clarification on what you meant

even though i'm pretty sure i'm right about the poll's purpose

so i won't be voting but i like what you're doing


@tina you're right, all of them can be first depending on what you call "first" and I'm being intentionally vague about it in the question

@Siphonay From

"Rhydon was the very first Pokémon to be designed.

However, a hidden Pokemon Sun And Moon easter egg shows that Diglett was the first planned pokemon."

I haven't played Sun&Moon so I can't confirm it, and didn't know it before researching why you had included Rhydon :P

@zatnosk The assumption that Rhydon was the first Pokémon design emanates from the fact that he’s ID number 01 in the first gen, but that doesn’t mean he was the first created. In an interview for Nintendo Power, Satoshi Tajiri said that Poliwag was the first Pokémon he created.

I have no idea what easter egg they’re mentioning and can’t find a trace of it outside of that wiki

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