Bulbapedia has really went bad over the years :/ first they put all the sidebar in drop down menus at the top which is really annoying, then they added so many ads the site is unusable with an ad blocker, and third they have incomprehensible editorial policies such as considering all the Pokémon beta leaks since 2018 as fake and made-up even though they've been verified to be real

It's really a shame because a wiki is the ideal format for an information database on a franchise as expansive as Pokémon

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Serebii is a rather complete and accurate source but I wish they would update their antiquated design... What at least decent contrast and fonts that aren't ridiculously small. Also it doesn't seem like they document beta and leaked stuff, which is a shame.

A large subset of people seem to think the leaks are bad and immortal just because they're illegal. Which is really annoying but whatever

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