Hey there,

I want to make it clear that and most of its fediverse entourage is an expressively leftist, anticapitalistic space.

There has been an influx on new users on this server and while there have been no major issues yet, I'm anticipating that some of it might be a result of current events regarding US politics, Twitter and Parler.

People clearly associated with "conservatism", fascism and most right-wing politics are not welcome here and will be suspended on sight. Same if you break the rules you agreed on while signing up, available here:

There will be no opening for performative debate or bad faith discussion of this. If you didn't know what to expect, now you do.

@Siphonay Sooo I just want to confirm.. If I am not a democrat and I am a more right leaning republican, EVEN THOUGH I don’t seek any kind of political debate, nor look at making political posts and looking strictly for a new platform other than Facebook because I don’t agree with how they operate, I’m not welcome here..? Orrr are you referring to people that literally want to discuss politics. Because I’m here because I want something other than current social media, that’s all.

@Zinoxic there isn’t a need to be a "Democrat" and to be honest I don’t hold the views of that party or liberalism in general in high regard or even consider it left-wing…

You’re fine to be here if you respect the rules of the server, that’s all.

@Siphonay Ohh ok, gotcha. Ya, I’m just looking for a solid Pokémon community and read the message, that’s all!

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