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@Siphonay oh, did we get a surge of new users? Welcome to everyone new here then!

@Siphonay was email the first "federated" protocol, despite original designers not wanting it to?
And does a good "multiversal town" exist where users can get a unified Mastodon, Matrix, etc identity?

@cabbasaur Yeah, you could say that e-mail is federated! I wouldn’t know what their intention was though.

I don’t really know of a way to unify several accounts from different federated services, unfortunately

@Siphonay the first company that built the email thing intended it to stay exclusive, but the second company not only copied but also added the federation infrastructure. I really wish there existed a multiversal provider so that I could simply create an account there and be known as that across Matrix/Jabber, Fediverse, email... in short, to not need to present multiple identities.

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