Why does the official iOS app for Mastodon not work for donphan.social? (1/3) 

Hey there! Your instance admin with some sort of official statement concerning the compatibility of the official iOS Mastodon with donphan.social

So, after having a friend test it for me, creating an account on donphan.social with the official iOS app does not work, as this error shows up.

The technical reason behind this is that the server is running a customized version of a Mastodon fork called glitch-soc, and one of the modifications I’ve made is dummying out the API calls to create an account that the application uses, so that sign-ups can only be done through the home web page using a hCaptcha verification.

This is a measure to fight against automated spambot sign-ups, something that donphan.social is unfortunately being targeted with a lot, sometimes dozens an hour without any measures, which (cont)


Why does the official iOS app for Mastodon not work for donphan.social? (2/3) 

is too much for me to humanly manage. As such, it is not something that I intend to fix.

Please note that only sign-ups are affected, if you already created or create an account outside of the app, you can still sign onto it.

With that said, another reason that I am not particularly pressed to remediate to this issue is the fact that the official Mastodon iOS app does not implement the local timeline or posting on the "unlisted" privacy level, which is a vision of Mastodon that clashes with small and/or themed servers, such as donphan.social, where the Local timeline is the lifeblood of the community and an easy way to find people with common interests and who signed up on the website for the same reasons as you. (cont)

Why does the official iOS app for Mastodon not work for donphan.social? (3/3) 

As an alternative, I recommend using one of the third party iOS apps listed on this webpage: joinmastodon.org/apps, or simply to use the web app in your browser.

Thank you for your understanding!

With recent updates, signups from the Mastodon app for iOS should be functional again. I still stand by what I say about it in these previous posts that this is a reply to, but I have no reasons to actively take steps prevent subscriptions from the app.

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