Alright so before I start posting them here's some context:

Those images are going to be Pokémon fanart that I posted in 2007 on a site called "Puissance Pokémon" that still exists to this day. I rediscovered them recently. I did those on Windows XP MS Paint when I was 9 (nine) years old. It's three presidents away from me. I was really happy to find them, reminded me a lot about my childhood. I hope you enjoy them!

This was my first one. A Charizard. I got pretty imaginative for the flames and integrated a comics-like onomatopea. No background yet!

I picked Sudowoodo for the second one because it was easy to draw... And it's the debut of a classic background!

The text reads "Alexfou4, beginner fan-arter (sic)"
It's the same background than before, expect with an underground part with a Diglett tunnel and a.. Skull?? I made a point of drawing feet to Diglett, too.

I also just found out about Munchlax, who became my favorite Pokémon then! Other Gen IV Pokémon weren't announced yet, or at least outside of Japan, and information didn't go as fast as it did today, and was less accessible to a nine year-old kid anyway, so I didn't know yet about the rest.

I won't comment much on this Mew, which is, even as a 9 year-old kid standards, half-assed.

Alright, this Turtwig looks horrible. And there's even a typo in its name!! Gen IV starters just got announced with their english names.

The text reads "there are parts that I had to color myself!!!!!!!!" which basically means that, I had trouble drawing closed shapes, and could not use the fill tool. Yep. I was justifying the because people noticed how much the coloring was spilling out on the previous drawing, and still was on this one.

People in the comments got tired of the green grass, blue sky, white clouds and yellow sun, so I decided to try a new scene, an electric central with electric pokéball. Sooo... Have these fortuitous 2007 poland balls

The outside scene made a comeback because I was lazy to do something else and also wanted to do something funny with a Diglett: here, a Sentret (Fouinette in French, hence why it says "fouin", which I put a translator note to inform the audience that it was saying "hi!") accidentally blocks the exit of a Diglett's tunnel, making it sad. Really funny innit?

I kind of like this one, if I tried to draw a Primeape today I don't think it would look very far of this one. I was also really proud of the new cave scene I made, hence why I wrote "New scene!" in Arial Black on the ground.

This is the last one I tried to show! It was a gift for a friend who loved Zangoose (Mangriff in French) (and actually knew how to draw)

I tried to draw these Pokémon... Round. Doesn't look really good in retrospect. Yes, Zangoose looks like she's high.

I stopped after this. I think tried to draw a Magmar on a plain white background but lost my progress when Paint crashed. Also people were generally mean to me and really mad I kept drawing this "outside" scene.

I made the Pokémon of these drawings into a Telegram Sticker pack some time ago! So if you have Telegram and want to use them for some reason... Here is the link to add the pack:


digging up this thread more than three years and a half later: I’m very glad I took the time to save those drawings, because the site I originally posted them on has been taken down a year ago or two. If I didn’t, they would’ve been lost forever

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