Enjoying Brilliant Diamond so far, but I'm really disappointed they cut down on contests so much. I really loved the strategizing you had to do in the originals, now it's only a basic rhythm minigame and nothing else

@Siphonay stuff that would maybe have sold me the game would be improved contests and underground, but it seems they cut stuff from both :/

@Claire did they? The underground is really fun, I've spent a lot of time in it, if anything I've found they've added new stuff to it

@Siphonay they added the caves thing with extra pokémon, but the secret bases have been cut down a lot, haven't them?

@Claire they're a bit different but I don't feel like they're cut down that much

@Siphonay To be fair, contests would need their own games, as the strategy is completely different from battles, and you can't really use battle pokémon in contests. The problem here is that battles is the main gameplay of Pokémon, not contests. The contests were already turned down in the original Gen 4 games compared to the Gen 3 games of Ruby/Sapphire (in those you had a contest facility in cities who did not have a Gym, in gen 4, the contests are limited to a single location).

@Siphonay oh my god yeah D: I was so disappointed… I miss the old contests, but I can always grab my DS to play them at least..!

But I was so excited for contests.. oh well :(

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