Anybody on donphan or the fedi in general play or watch people play the challenge? I find it way more entertaining than Nuzlocke.

@Siphonay honestly, I've never even seen anything about it before your posts today, but I'll admit I don't really dive into non-speedrun/race challenges so it's not like this is a good meter regarding how popular this category is 😅

but yeah, I guess Ironmon is one of the many challenges that try to fix the problems with Nuzlocke, namely that the difficulty issue can be solved by grinding... so if we take that into consideration, I've watched a fair number of those, although never live on stream!

@Siphonay heard before, and saw some videos, but never tried myself. It seems very interesting, but too difficult for me 😂

@Siphonay No, and after looking, I don't find that so interesting.

@Siphonay hadn't heard of it before! right now I'm occasionally watching a guy doing a nuzlocke with custom(?) rules. a bunch of the stronger iv pokemon are banned, forcing you to use weaker mons (not sure if it has an official community or not) plus some other rulesets (like typelocke).

also egglocke/cagelocke I've seen before and are fun, but you need people to help out with those

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