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Siphonay @Siphonay

As you can notice, the instance is often crashing. This is because the server it is on is frequently running out of RAM. I am unfortunately not always available to react immediately either.

Storage space is going to be an issue at some point too.

Unfortunately, it's the only tier of server I have access to financially.

If you would like to change this and make the instance faster and more reliable by allowing me to upgrade the server, you can donate on Liberapay:

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@Siphonay t’as testé de claquer du jemalloc pour aider sur la ram ?

@Siphonay ok hésite pas si besoin, c'est basiquement
1/ installer la lib via ton package manager
2/ ajouter une ligne dans le service systemd de chaque truc:

faut juste adapter les chemins vers le .so

@angristan this is what I'm about to do but I still believe 2GB of RAM is far from enough

I didn't notive that I didn't accept USD as a currency on Liberapay. I now do!