This is a GitHub repository containing the source code of Pokémon Red and Blue, disassembled and refactored to human-readable (and editable!) asm.

While the code is refactored, its functionality is untouched, and the ROMs you built with this code will be identical to the one that is on US Pokémon Red or Blue cartridge.

It is a really cool and interesting project!


What I did with this some months ago as an experiment with this was adding a "BEPIS" type in the game, a type that was resisting any other type and itself, but normal, to which it was weak to, and I made Charmander being of this type to test it, and it worked. Was a fun thing to do

I'm still amazed how I can just build a childhood game from source, and even modify some stuff from it super easily

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@not_on_pizza I don't actually know but my guess would be that there would be a maximum number of 255 types since every other thing is the game is coded using 8-bit adresses

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