Pokémon Legends Arceus spoilers 

Omg I love him so much already. Look at that little orb. Precious

There it is! I didn't think I'd receive it on release day but it happened.

Why does the official iOS app for Mastodon not work for donphan.social? (1/3) 

Hey there! Your instance admin with some sort of official statement concerning the compatibility of the official iOS Mastodon with donphan.social

So, after having a friend test it for me, creating an account on donphan.social with the official iOS app does not work, as this error shows up.

The technical reason behind this is that the server is running a customized version of a Mastodon fork called glitch-soc, and one of the modifications I’ve made is dummying out the API calls to create an account that the application uses, so that sign-ups can only be done through the home web page using a hCaptcha verification.

This is a measure to fight against automated spambot sign-ups, something that donphan.social is unfortunately being targeted with a lot, sometimes dozens an hour without any measures, which (cont)

if you have European copies for Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire: there have been numerous reports from ResetEra and Twitter. This has been caused by the FlashROM chip, which some other games have (I can’t find a definitive list of those atm, sorry)

It’s impossible to check if this is super widespread, but it can’t hurt to check.

My Alpha Sapphire copy still works, thankfully.

Now I’m not as pro-corporate and stuck up than other Pokémon website admins so I’m going to tell you this: I highly encourage, if you have a minimum of tech-savvyness (it’s mostly moving files around and carefully following instructions), please hack your 3DS with this guide : 3ds.hacks.guide/

It will allow you to install homebrew apps to your 3DS such as Checkpoint, which allows you to back up and restore save data from cartridges and installed games, like I just did with my SA cart.

re: New Pokémon Games 

The protagonists for PLA have insignas on their sleeves that look VERY similar to Team Galactic’s logo :team_galactic:

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New Pokémon Games 

I feel like with PLA they finally listened to those 2011 9Gag memes

(don’t have the original source for this meme, sorry!)

When I got this Pokémon Red cartridge years ago it didn't have any sticker left on it so I just stuck a paper sticker on it, that didn't look very good at all.

I've just gotten a new sticker printed on glossy paper and while it's not as good as the original (the edges aren't shiny, notably), this just looks waaay better

@hi_cial you’re maybe already aware of it but I though you might find interesting that the very first Mewtwo card released in French renamed it to "Deuxmiaou" (even though it’s still Mewtwo in French everywhere else), that might be a neat thing you could look for!

A few days ago, a ROM of the unreleased Pokémon Picross for the GBC was found in a Nintendo leak. As a fan of both Pokémon and Picross, naturally I’ve been playing it since a few days!

I gotta say, it’s a neat Picross game, and it features never seen before spritework that’s really charming and with really good use of the GBC’s color capabilities

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