Update: Completing a living dex is no longer needed to recieve the Pokéball Magernea in Pokémon HOME! You just need a complete dex now. I just got mine!


The reason I turned on manual approval for signups on donphan.social is because I’m getting tens of automated signups a day. Most of the signup requests in my waitlist look like this

Does any fellow admin know how I can prevent those from happening but still keep my server signups open?

Okay huh, I managed to pry the cartridge open fairly easily with my nails and uh

Isn't this board completely free of visible physical damage?? It really looks like only the case got dented, which makes me wonder why it even stopped working in the first place

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here’s where the damage is, vs a pic of the insides of a cartridge with an IR sensor like this one I found on the internet

I’m wondering, and it would be a very difficult task to do anyway, if the chip that contains the flash storage is in the damage area, and if it’s not, if desoldering it and soldering it on a new cartridge could work

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Pokémon Sword/Shield post-game spoiler 

What if… :ms_point_right_paw::ms_point_left_paw:​ We dynamaxed… In the Roazhon Park? :ms_embarrassed:

Just kidding…


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