A few days ago, a ROM of the unreleased Pokémon Picross for the GBC was found in a Nintendo leak. As a fan of both Pokémon and Picross, naturally I’ve been playing it since a few days!

I gotta say, it’s a neat Picross game, and it features never seen before spritework that’s really charming and with really good use of the GBC’s color capabilities

As you probably know, the first gen Pokémon games we got in the west, Red and Blue, were based on the Japanese Pokémon Blue, which was a revision of the original Japanese Pokémon Red and Green, including notably reworked sprites and graphics.

Here are some sprites from a CoroCoro edition that showcased the changes in the Japanese Pokémon Blue versior. It includes sprites that were altered in the final release. These are exclusive to this edition of the magazine and were never seen again.

More info & further reading: lavacutcontent.com/corocoro-co

I can't match the The Pokémon Company donating 100k$ both to the NAACP and to BLM but I can use my platform and my absence of a PR department to say the following:

All cops are bastards, police should be defunded if not so much as abolished. It's time the white US and Europe realize that their lives and comfort are built on the oppression of black people and people of color. I support the revolts everywhere they're happening unconditionally.

First, the broken mechanics. He’s reffering to this image in the video. It has a lot of text, but I’m not putting an image description because the details of its contents are not what I want to focus on, but the fact that these are either:

- Mechanics that the player are just as likely to use as the AI, so they advantage them as much as it disadvantages them
- Stuff that’s so specific or rare that it doesn’t have a significant impact on the game as a whole
- Some stuff like Wrap is annoying, but the ones using them are wild Pokémon and non-major trainers that are easy to defeat

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je dis ça je dis rien hein mais Xerneas ses pieds c’est des Pik&Croq

Update: Completing a living dex is no longer needed to recieve the Pokéball Magernea in Pokémon HOME! You just need a complete dex now. I just got mine!


The reason I turned on manual approval for signups on donphan.social is because I’m getting tens of automated signups a day. Most of the signup requests in my waitlist look like this

Does any fellow admin know how I can prevent those from happening but still keep my server signups open?

Okay huh, I managed to pry the cartridge open fairly easily with my nails and uh

Isn't this board completely free of visible physical damage?? It really looks like only the case got dented, which makes me wonder why it even stopped working in the first place

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here’s where the damage is, vs a pic of the insides of a cartridge with an IR sensor like this one I found on the internet

I’m wondering, and it would be a very difficult task to do anyway, if the chip that contains the flash storage is in the damage area, and if it’s not, if desoldering it and soldering it on a new cartridge could work

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