they absolutely went and called her Marie-Lise, the mad lads

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Can't wait to see the what the Western logo for Gen 8 of Pokémon will be...

Trans Alakazam... :ms_transgender_flag: :alakazam:
Is gonna do some...

TRANS DAMAGE :ms_transgender_flag: :ms_bang:

I once took a midi from the music of the caves from Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal and played it with a Roland MT-32 emulator, I think the result is pretty neat! Although I should have made the bass quieter

Gonna try this translation patch of Pokémon TCG GB2, that released only in Japan!

Here's the link to the patch I'm using, it's the most recent one I could find and it's apparently complete:

Tell me about the most outlandish myths you heard about the Pokémon games as a child!

Here's mine:
In the first gen of Pokémon, if you cut a bush, step on its tile, save the game and restart it, you'll be on the bush's tile (this is true, you can try it!)

Someone told me, really convincedly, that if I waited on it, I could encounter a mythical Pokémon, a fusion of... Wartortle and Heracross. For some reason, yeah.

For some reason Walrein :walrein:​ has always made me think of Obélix, I think I have one named like that in one of my games

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