Pokémon Sword/Shield post-game spoiler 

What if… :ms_point_right_paw::ms_point_left_paw:​ We dynamaxed… In the Roazhon Park? :ms_embarrassed:

Just kidding…


Shiny Magikarp!!

They’re super common in Max Raid and have a super high shiny probability, me and @Stereoscopic got ours on the third try

Got a shiny Toxel after 587 eggs! (Shiny Charm + Masuda)

5IV and good nature! It just needs an ability capsule to be competitively viable

Massive props to Pokémon Sword for including a character that’s both chubby/fat and fit/athletic as fuck

Fun detail in Pokémon Sword/Shield: the Switch in the player's room takes the color of the joy-cons you're using to play it!

History of my player character in Pokémon games where you can customize them!

I like all the games, but I still tried to rank them:

Get my trainer card. It's fabulous. I know you want it.

0000 0002 7X38 XF

"Pikachu: An Artless Creation

According to Pikachu's creator Atsuko Nishida, Pikachu never had any art before she programmed its sprite. The sprite seen in Red & Green is the ORIGINAL Pikachu design.

Actually, lots of early Pokemon were created this way -- without even a sketch."

Source : t.co/nijpg5OZFm

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