@SunScales it's a entire finished game that they just didn't release

A few days ago, a ROM of the unreleased Pokémon Picross for the GBC was found in a Nintendo leak. As a fan of both Pokémon and Picross, naturally I’ve been playing it since a few days!

I gotta say, it’s a neat Picross game, and it features never seen before spritework that’s really charming and with really good use of the GBC’s color capabilities

I never grew out of Pokémon. If that’s a phase that’s a long one

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The GSC shiny colors for Ampharos look better than later generations, imo. They look silver with purple gems and tails!

The pink/blue version is... fine (shiny Ampharos say trans rights?), but not as interesting, imo.

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This is old but I just stumbled upon it again, so have some screaming magikarp

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A tip for filling your pokédex when you have pokémon Home.

You may have noticed that when bringing pokémon from Home to Sword/Shield, the pokédex entry is not automatically filled. But there is a way in the game to get the entry, by leaving the pokémon at the day care and taking it back.

Here's an example with :porygon_z:​.

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@tom OVH Canada but that's only because somebody donated a server with six pre-paid months to us way back. Actually pretty satisfied with it

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nazi masto instance 

pieville.net is mastodon instance and has more than 40 users, most of them are overtly nazi

attached is a pic of some of their nazi users


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I think it would be really cool if the future Gen 9 region was based on China

@Troasta nope, the leaked source code isn't easier to work with for the simple fact that we don't have the toolchains to build it back. For having skimmed through it the C code is actually pretty antiquated and mostly commented in Japanese.

The pret project is not just about decompiling ROMs, it's actually about refactoring and commenting the code in a way that makes it easier to read and modify, while still keeping the ASM routines in ways that produce a build identical to the official one, and they've actually been really good at it, as it has been the base to all the advanced ROM hacks out there

I'm still amazed how I can just build a childhood game from source, and even modify some stuff from it super easily

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What I did with this some months ago as an experiment with this was adding a "BEPIS" type in the game, a type that was resisting any other type and itself, but normal, to which it was weak to, and I made Charmander being of this type to test it, and it worked. Was a fun thing to do

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This is a GitHub repository containing the source code of Pokémon Red and Blue, disassembled and refactored to human-readable (and editable!) asm.

While the code is refactored, its functionality is untouched, and the ROMs you built with this code will be identical to the one that is on US Pokémon Red or Blue cartridge.

It is a really cool and interesting project!

Serebii is a rather complete and accurate source but I wish they would update their antiquated design... What at least decent contrast and fonts that aren't ridiculously small. Also it doesn't seem like they document beta and leaked stuff, which is a shame.

A large subset of people seem to think the leaks are bad and immortal just because they're illegal. Which is really annoying but whatever

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