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My dad just texted me "Hello son, today Pikachu turns 25 years old 😊😊😊🎂" I love my dad

@codl c’est une feature mastodon ou glitch-soc ?

@codl le truc c’est que je pense la solution pour ça ça serait soit faire du cas par cas pour les sites qui ont des previews comme ça soit avoir un CSP hyper permissif et je suis pas sur que ces deux solutions me plaisent

rapport d'insecte 

@codl hmmm est-ce que tu pourrais essayer un autre site qui montre des previews dans le genre ?

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Pokemon: this cute yellow mouse can shoot lighting.

Digimon: this walrus shoots a tactical homing missile from its horn.

Pokemon: the evolution of this small yellow mouse is a bigger yellow mouse.

Digimon: the evolution of this orange winged mouse is a seven foot angel with three pairs of wings and no visible eyes.

pokeḿon direct but not a new thing 

@g if I had to guess it's the same root as the word lens, In French lens is lentille

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pokemon presents spoilers 

I’m still forming my thoughts on what happened! I have a lot of feelings about these announcements lets say.

In the meantime tho, look at this! They FINALLY fixed Cyndaquil! Finally he looks cool again! I hope this is a permanent thing and not just a show off moment!

re: New Pokémon Games 

The protagonists for PLA have insignas on their sleeves that look VERY similar to Team Galactic’s logo :team_galactic:

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Happy 10th brithday to the 3DS, the best handled console Nintendo released after the Gameboy <3

re: New Pokémon Games 

I’m really excited for the remake!! From what little they’ve shown, it seems very faithful to the originals. Gen IV has a special place in my heart, so I’m pretty excited for them.

The art style doesn’t bother me! It’s not the best thing ever but it sort of captures the original vibe. It’s just going to be hard to go back to the extreme chibi style when they’ve been slowly moving away from that to more and more realistic proportion starting from Gen V

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New Pokémon Games 

I feel like with PLA they finally listened to those 2011 9Gag memes

re: pokemon thoughts 

@avie I legit thought the pokémon moving choppily was a stylistic choice lol

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